Weekend trip to Asheville and Biltmore Estate

Wow this weekend was fun!  I had a great trip to Asheville with Drew’s family.  Asheville is a great town that is only about an hour and half drive from Greenville.  Asheville has boomed in the past few years–with breweries popping up in old industrial buildings and tourism flourishing because of the breweries and unique places to eat.  Asheville has definitely embraced the farm to table cuisine with most restaurants serving local vegetables and meats.  But my favorite thing about Asheville, besides the great food and breath taking views, is that Asheville is a very dog friendly town!


View of Asheville

On Friday, my mother in law, sister in law and I went up early for a girls’ day to the Biltmore Estate before the guys got into town.  On the drive up to Asheville, we stopped at a roadside stand and picked up strawberries, juicy tomatoes and fried peanuts (yes, in the south everything can and will be fried!).  We had a great car ride up to Asheville admiring all the beautiful mountain views.  However, nothing was as magnificent as the Biltmore Estate.  The last time I went to the Biltmore Estate was for a field trip in fourth grade–and wow I was stunned to see how large and beautiful the Estate is!  As there were a lot of school children touring the home, we decided to go venture the gardens instead if going inside the home.  We had a wonderful time walking through the gorgeous gardens, taking pictures and chatting along the way.


Fruit stand stop



Biltmore Estate is even larger in person



Love Spring


Beth and Meredith at the Biltmore





Me and Mer posing

On Saturday, we ventured into downtown Asheville for a brew tour–led by my in laws.  My in laws are planning on moving to the Asheville area when they retire and have done a lot of research/visiting the area and know all the great spots to go.  We hit five different breweries–Catawba, Green Man, Burial, Hi-Wire and my favorite, Wicked Weed.  They all have unique craft beer and their own style.  My personal favorites were a pineapple cider from Green Man and a PBJ from Catawba.  I am not a beer fan, but it was cool to see all the different types of beer/enjoy all the different breweries.  We finished off the day, eating pizza and enjoying some wine.  All and all it was a great day!


Self guided brewery tour of Asheville


I love this man


Favorite: Pineapple Cider


Tired Scout–napping at Wicked Weed


Great weekend with great family!

Today, I have been relaxing and enjoying a new book that I purchased this weekend at a local bookshop for a dollar!  I love finding great local stores with amazing deals.  Now off to eat some tuna casserole and settle in for the evening.

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