Edisto Beach Family Vacation 2019

Wow, this summer FLEW by! We scheduled our big family vacation for the last week of July (right before school starts in Atlanta).  We had an absolute blast in Edisto and cannot wait to return next summer.It was the first year we did not stay in Drew's family's beach house, which sold this summer. Though … Continue reading Edisto Beach Family Vacation 2019


Reid’s Third Birthday Party

How is my first baby boy already 3 years old?!  Seriously, time flies by and it is hard to imagine that it was 3 years ago that I first held Reid in my arms.  He has grown and developed so much in these past years, and I can honestly say that it keeps getting better … Continue reading Reid’s Third Birthday Party

Motherhood Lessons: Showing Yourself Grace (4 Month Postpartum Recap)

Setting the record straight, this has been a hard few months.  I felt the entire spectrum of emotions, I had moments of extreme joy and bliss and moments of pure exhaustion and unease, moments where I question everything in my life and moments where I feel exactly where I should be.  Suffice it to say, … Continue reading Motherhood Lessons: Showing Yourself Grace (4 Month Postpartum Recap)