Morning Walks, Afternoon Jogs and Dining Room Decorating

Good morning!  In my opinion, there is nothing better than waking up and going on a walk with your dog and a cup of coffee.  I started walking with Scout in the morning when we first moved to Greenville.  Our neighborhood is not very big–but going from cul-de-sac to cul-de-sac totals about a mile.  Our walks turned into runs and now have ventured back into walks.  I am not a big cold weather girl, so waking up and going for a run in the cold weather is not for me.  But the warmer weather and not wearing 500 layers means that I maybe starting back my morning runs instead of walks :).  However, this morning a walk was the perfect way to start my day!


Perfect morning wake up!

Yesterday, I went for a slow and steady 5 mile run with Scout.  When Drew and I were driving up to Maryland this past weekend, we got rear-ended which led me to go to urgent care the next day with a sore lower back.  I haven’t been able run as my back was still hurting–but I was dying to run so a slow 5 mile jog was the perfect solution.  Luckily, my back is not killing anymore and hopefully I can get back into the swing of things soon!


Scout taking a dip in the middle of our run


Scenic views on a run=hard to beat


Sweaty Selfie–it was a humid day!

My 5 mile loop is my scenic run.  I have my long run, my short run, my scenic run and my walking loop.  I am definitely a creature of habit and once I find a good run, it is hard to change.  I usually take Scout on my short, scenic and walking loop and very occasionally will take her on the long run.  Scout is a boykin spaniel which are duck hunting dogs (though she is too spoiled to ever be a hunting dog)–which means that short bursts of running are great for her, but anything past 5 miles is probably unnecessary.


The Boykin loves some shade following a run

Following the run, I had major house cleaning/errand running ahead of me.  We have been out of town so much that our house has not had a thorough cleaning lately and was in serious need of it!  And I finally set our dining room table and think that the room is complete (only took 2 years ek!).   It is so nice to finally have a clean house again 🙂


Dining room complete 🙂


Dining room chairs=recovered 🙂


Dining room table all set 🙂 I love the idea of changing out the dining room place settings with the seasons



A tad cluttered but useful bar server—I got this table on sale at Ikea last year; it may not be the most attractive but it is certainly sturdy and useful!


Why whenever I go to Costco do I get about 100 things NOT on my list?!?

Have a great day 🙂

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