Girls on the Run Coaches Dinner, Strawberry Pie and Charleston Run

Hello from Charleston!  Drew and I woke up super early this morning and made our way down to Charleston.  We are celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday in Edisto this weekend and came down early so that Drew could work in Charleston (he travels to Charleston a couple times a month for work).  My sister-in-law, Meredith, and I are going down to the beach house later this afternoon and Drew will meet up with us a little bit later.  After Drew dropped me off, Meredith and I ventured to pick up some last minute items from Trader Joe’s–which lets be honest I went in needing to get lettuce and walked out with a basket full of goodies including an apparently amazing bottle of riesling.  She had a massage scheduled meaning that I had time to go for a jog in Charleston (aka my favorite place on earth to run!).


Scout’s position whenever we travel–such a lap dog!

Meredith recommended a route to run and I totally took her up on it.  The route travelled along the water, around the most beautiful neighborhood I have seen in a while and then looped around to Hampton Park.  I seriously cannot believe that even though I lived in Charleston for over 3 years, I never knew about Hampton Park!  Sure, I heard the name a time or two, but I never ventured to check it out.  Boy, was I blown away.  Apparently, the man that designed Central Park in New York City also designed Hampton Park.  Though the park is significantly smaller than Central Park, it is still beautiful and led to a very scenic 4 mile run.


Hampton Park


Statute in the park


Running path in Hampton Park


Pond, Fountain and Bridge 🙂


I want to move into this neighborhood–right on the water and in the peninsula=perfection


View from the neighborhood dock in my dream neighborhood

I absolutely love Charleston and everything that it has to offer.  I am definitely sad from time to time that we moved–but it is always nice knowing we can visit.


Simply Charleston

As for last night, I went to my Girls on the Run coaches dinner.  We went to a restaurant that I had never been to called Southern Culture.  The ambiance and decorations at Southern Culture are awesome–a little country, BBQ inspired motif.  We got a huge table out back on the covered patio and all talked and laughed about our Girls on the Run experiences. Southern Culture is a great restaurant with amazing fried okra (I am one that will never pass up fried okra or okra anyway for that matter).  I still cannot believe that our GOTR season is over, but I am looking forward to our awards banquet and next season 🙂


Country-themed restaurant


Salmon, collard greens and okra–yes please!


My sweet swag bag–GOTR thank you gift 🙂

After I got home from dinner, I quickly had to whip together my strawberry pie for Beth’s birthday.  I made my pie crust in the morning and knew that I had 2 lbs of strawberries waiting for me to fix the filling.  I use a different pie crust recipe every time that I make a pie-I seriously need to figure out my favorite recipe and stick to it.  And for that matter I use a different pie recipe every time I make a pie!  The strawberry pie recipe I used came from and included ingredients that I already had at home–so fingers crossed it tastes good!  After the pie gets tasted and reviewed, I’ll post the recipes.


Pie crust fixings–a lot of butter and shortening needed


Pie all wrapped up for travelling

Off on our road trip to Edisto Island.  We are definitely stopping at Kings Market on the way–cannot wait! Have a happy Friday 🙂

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