What is the best protein bar? and 90 degree Run

Wow it has definitely heated up in Greenville.  Yesterday, I went for a HOT 6 mile run.  I take full responsibility for my bad timing, but a girl can still complain a little ;).  I wasn’t able to go for a run until around 2:30 yesterday aka the heat of the day.  It was a little sluggish, but overall I had a pretty good run.  I wanted to add an additional 2.5, but since I forgot money (to buy water at CVS–I hate running with water bottles) I opted out and just did my normal 6.


91 degrees=nice and hot run (going to start getting used to this!)


Post run: refreshing coconut water

Following my run, I ventured to Trader Joe’s to pick up some protein bars for Drew.  Drew is in class a couple nights a week and misses dinner–so to keep my husband from starvation, I decided to pick him up a few meal/protein bars.  We will see which one he likes best!  There are soo many options out there that it is hard to know which one is best in terms of ingredients, nutrition and taste.  Any suggestions on different bars would be greatly appreciated 🙂


So many bars, so little time

Sitting in the doctors office for what seems forever this morning and enjoying a new bar–Think Thin 🙂


Is it weird that I am okay eating in my doctor’s office waiting room?!

2 thoughts on “What is the best protein bar? and 90 degree Run

  1. Jamie says:

    PowerCrunch bars are delish. I usually get the vanilla creme – it’s like a vanilla wafer 🙂 But my go to protein bars are Quest – they have a great ratio of macro nutrients and not too high in calories, but are rather filling.


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