9 Round Review and Thursday Night Date Night

Happy Friday (of a loong weekend)!  Can you believe it is already memorial day weekend?!

It was hard waking up this morning as I was still sore from my 9 Round workout on Wednesday.  I feel like a total lazy, out of shape loser right now–but cannot help it.  A couple months ago, Drew/my credit card has compromised and fraudulently charged (I found out about it when I was trying to pay for lunch with a friend that I hadn’t seen in YEARS and my credit card was declined 3 times–talk about embarrassing!!).

My gym membership was on autodraft (I called all of our bill providers with autopay to inform them, but totally forgot about the gym!), and the gym charged me an additional (large) charge for the credit card being declined.  So what did I do? I called told them the story…and was informed that I had to get a note from my bank, drive to their head office (where I signed up) and talk to the lady in charge (who was conveniently in a 20-30 minute meeting when I got there).  Basically, the gym made it super inconvenient and was not interested in my story and after waiting in their lobby with my letter from the bank–I gave up and cancelled our membership on the spot!  Drew lifts weights twice a week and I attend classes vary sparingly, so shelling out a chunk of change every month for something that we rarely use is just not worth it.  Okay, rant over!

Which brings me to 9 Round.  I signed Drew up for a gym that is really close to our house, and where some of our friends go.  The gym is a very small fraction of the amount that we were paying at our old gym and has the same equipment that Drew uses.  For me, I decided against signing up for a gym—the thought about not being a member to a gym instantly makes you feel out of shape for some reason BTW–and decided to try out 9 Round.


9 Round

9 Round offers the first class free.  And wow, that first class was intense! 9 Round is a 9 circuit class where each circuit is 3 minutes with small breaks in between (squats, “punching it out” and lunges are encouraged during the breaks) for a total of a 30 minute full body workout.  I think of it as a hybrid between cross fit and boxing.  My first class, I discovered that somewhere between middle school and now, I totally forgot how to jumprope :/  Regardless of my lack of jumping skills, the workout was great and left me feeling super sore (legs were soo sluggish on a quick run afterwards).


Inside 9 Rounds

This morning, I plunged in and signed up for an entire year (they are having an amazing sale going on until memorial day!).  I decided that if one class could cause me to be sore afterwards, it is a great workout! I am looking forward to adding the total body workout into my routine.

In other news, Drew and I continued with our Thursday night date night and went to Bar Louie.  I absolutely love that place and the happy hour specials are hard to beat! We are trying to have a weekly date night and Thursday nights seem to be our go to night. I do love a good date night 🙂


Bar food=amazing


Shrimp brushetta

Off to pack up for this weekend–I get to be reunited with my best friends in T minus 5 hours 🙂 Have a happy memorial day weekend!


Love a coke on the road, especially one that says Number 1 🙂

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