Shopping Style and Tuesday Night In

So I need some help–for some reason or another I have been lacking some serious motivation to run/workout!  I had two great runs this weekend with Drew and since then I have lost the urge to workout/run/eat healthy.  I put in two miles yesterday with Scout thinking that I was going to do another 6 in the evening–but that definitely did not happen.  I guess I am just in a small rut (I know it has only been a couple days, but I usually feel the urge to workout rather than working out feeling like a chore!).  Maybe its the heat?! I don’t know, but it is certainly frustrating!

When you don’t want to workout–you can always go shopping (walking around shops is walking right?!).  Yesterday, I went to a few stores to pick items up for this weekend and I was really just in the mood to get my shopping on.  In recent years, it seems like more and more people are dressing causally when going shopping.  Growing up, I remember my mom saying that store associates are more likely to assist you if you look nice rather than slumpy (Pretty Woman advice anyone?!).  I took the middle road yesterday and dressed in super causal clothes–but not workout clothes!


I cannot seem to keep my hair down–wayyy too hot and humid. Maybe chopping a good bit off in the near future?!


Causal shopping clothes 🙂


Yes, I took a picture in the dressing room–I really want a full length mirror for my house 🙂

Reading this article from Marie Claire, totally solidified the idea that it is now appropriate to wear workout clothes in public and not just in the gym (news flash right?!).  I don’t think that corporate America is going to jump on that band wagon anytime soon, but I personally think that it is great that society is going more lax on fashion.  Mind you, there is always a time and place to dress up and you cannot look like a “slob” all the time but at least we are getting a break!

Last night, Drew was in Kansas for business which meant that Scout and I had the house to ourselves.  I absolutely love my husband and definitely missed him, but I will say that there is something nice about having the house to myself every once and awhile!  I got to eat when I wanted to, I got to read instead of watching TV, and I went to bed a little later than normal #marriedlife.  It was nice to have a night to myself, but I am certainly happy he is home now 🙂


Night alone = yummy Riesling 🙂


Popcorn, wine, book and Scout


She missed her daddy–she becomes a snuggle bug when Drew is gone!

Have a Happy Hump Day!!

What do you do to get out of a workout rut?!

What do you do when you have a couple of nights to yourself?

When do you think the workout clothes fashion era will end? 

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