Finding New Running Routes

Today, I am linking up with Sara from Lake Shore Runner for Tried It Tuesday.

As I am training for the Richmond Marathon in November, I have come across the need to change up my running routes.  I am a creature of habit–once I find a route, I stick with the same route forever.  However, with snake sightings on one of my routes (literally I have seen 2–and that is enough to call it quits!) and no shade on my other go-to route I need a change!


Snake infested waters…

I downloaded MapMyRun a couple months back to keep in touch with my family members who run.  It is such a fun app that allows me to see when my cousins are running and we have fun talking to each other and motivating one another.  The app has a feature that allows you to see roads/dead ends and different potential routes to take (it also shows where water is available–I haven’t utilized that feature though).

Last week, I decided that having the sun glare down at me through my 6 mile loop was just not worth it so I used the app and went on a little adventure.  I discovered an adorable neighborhood that is literally .25 miles away from my house.  The neighborhood is MASSIVE and has numerous different entrances and cul-de-sacs.  While running through and discovering different sections of the neighborhood I ended up doing right over 5 miles.  Bonus: I didn’t see a snake!


Beautiful morning for a run with shade 🙂


Children’s Book Library–leave one and take one (cutest neighborhood)


I want this front porch!


I love older neighborhoods with all brick homes and big trees

I am so happy that I found a new route to run.  It is great having a change of scenery and even better that my new route has significantly less traffic and is safer to run on.  This morning, I took Scout on the new 5 mile route and she loved it.   There may not be a river for her to swim in (like the snake infested route), but there are plenty of shade trees to keep her cooler.


Scout still rocking her American flag bandana

I am excited to discover different routes and hopefully I will find another one that is as great as this new one!  Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is well worth it 🙂

Do you run the same routes or do you switch it up?

What would prevent you from running the same route? Snakes are clearly my fear!

6 thoughts on “Finding New Running Routes

  1. Jamie says:

    I always run the same loop and it is beyond monotonous. This past weekend I ran longish almost every day just because I was able to run somewhere different! Um… snakes would definitely push me over the edge. But also really bad traffic would make me change my route asap!

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  2. golddh says:

    I ran the Richmond marathon a few years ago on a bit of a lark. Was a really good race with supportive fans – also really enjoyed the restaurants and bars for post-race partying! Best of luck!

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    • Cody says:

      That is awesome to hear!! I am so excited for it. I hear that it is the “friendliest race” and that the course is fairly flat. I am glad to hear that there is some fun post-race action too! Thanks 🙂


  3. Lauren Wong says:

    I have a few go-to routes, however I live near a big park with several winding paths and roads within it. Even though I may just “run in Humboldt Park,” I might be switching it up a bit to see what’s going on, or to try and get some hills or shade, or whatever I need.

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