WIAW: Hello Fresh Review

Good morning!

I have been obsessed with Hello Fresh ever since we opened the super organized box of fresh food delivered straight to our front door.  I thought that What I Ate Wednesday was the perfect time to talk about my latest obsession!


My sister gave me a promotional code for a free box from Hello Fresh.  We were able to choose from either 3 days, 4 days or 5 days of meals.  Drew and I were realistic about our plans and stuck with just 3 days of meals.  We have a tendency to eat leftovers, go out or need our taco Tuesday fix, so 3 meals worked out well for us.

The box came on Saturday, as I specified, and was packaged so neatly I didn’t want to remove the contents.  There were 3 separate labelled boxes on top and on the bottom, surrounded by cooler bags, were fresh individually wrapped meats for the meals along with the recipes.

We decided to try out the Chicken Milanese meal first.  It was by far our favorite meat dish that we received.  The recipe called for pounding the chicken prior to cooking and I think that it made a huge difference in the tenderness of the chicken.  We will be doing a lot more pounding around here.


Meal 1

For our second meal, we had the sausage pasta.  The meal said that it was only 2 servings, but we were able to get 5 meals out of it (or 4 and a snack).  We were sad that we didn’t get leftovers with the other dishes and pleasantly surprised at how large this meal was.  Though I am not sure that we will attempt to make this meal again, it was pretty tasty.


Meal 2

Our last meal was steak with roasted green beans and butternut squash.  The steak was very tender and delicious, but the highlight of the meal was totally the roasted vegetables. Drew kept going on and on about the butternut squash and how amazing the roasted vegetables with the sauce were.  He was so impressed that this past Sunday night he tried to recreate the chicken from the first meal and the roasted vegetables from the last meal (we did brussels instead of green beans).  I have to say that it was pretty stinking good 🙂


Meal 3

Overall, I was very impressed with my Hello Fresh experience.  My favorite part was that Drew and I completely worked together to cook the meal.  Though we will not do Hello Fresh every week, as it is pretty pricey, we will definitely do it at least once a month.  And I  really think that it will come in handy when we have the baby!

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