5 Month Old and Weekend Recap

My baby boy is officially 5 months old–seriously where is the time going?! He is growing so fast and becoming more of a ‘person’ every day.


Reid Andrew is 5 months old!

Things about my 5 month old, Reid:

  • He learned how to bounce in his jumperoo and LOVES it
  • He is a very happy boy, loves to laugh, loves kisses
  • He is a flirt with everyone
  • He has started to notice Scout (our dog) and even pet her the other day–too sweet!
  • He loves the water and going in the pool
  • He doesn’t really like to nap–he takes one in the morning around 10:30 (as long as he is in the car seat and running or doing errands), but other than that naps are questionable
  • He went through a 4 month regression with sleeping, but is back to waking up twice in the middle of the night (he isn’t the best sleeper)
  • We had a scare where he pooped blood and had bright green poop–we found out that he has a corn sensitivity (sadly, no more popcorn or corn on the cob for this girl!)
  • He is still rolling over from front to back and back to front–but does not seem very interested in it, so only does it when he is tired of being on one side
  • We think he may be teething, but time will tell on that!
  • More milestones: went on his first plane ride, went to Minnesota, met his great grandma, has grown out of 3 month clothes

Drew and I joke about how much our weekend lives have changed since we had Reid.  Gone are the days of staying out late on Friday nights, drinking more than two glasses of wine on Saturday nights, and sleeping in on Sundays–now our lives consist of going to bed by 11 on Friday nights (or lets be serious 10:30), drinking a glass of wine followed immediately by 3 glasses of water, and waking up at least twice a night for feedings.  As crazy as it sounds, I wouldn’t want it any other way (or at least most days!).


My Friday Nights 🙂

This weekend we had so much fun catching up with old and new friends.  Friday evening, we had one of Drew’s fraternity brothers and his wife and daughter over for some apps and drinks.  It was fun seeing Reid play with another baby and got us excited for him to grow a little more (his playmate was 7 months older.)

On Saturday morning, we headed to Travelers Rest for a quick run on the Swamp Rabbit before heading to the TR brewery to meet up with a couple of couples!  Following the brewery, we all headed to Sidewall to have delicious pizza and ice cream.  I heard about Sidewall for years now and it did not disappoint–there is a new one in downtown Greenville.  It was great catching up with everyone and having a semi-stay-cation!


The Couple who Sweats together Stays together


Pizza and Beer–check and check!

Sunday was all about downtime! We had an eventful trip to Lowes, Best Buy and Homegoods (my love/hate relationship–found 1 pillow I love but they didn’t have 2 so no go!) followed by a nice afternoon lounging by the pool.  Drew and I channelled our inner Michael Phelps and did some actual swimming with goggles (like all the cool kids)!  We finished up the weekend with a homemade meal and some music and drinks on the back porch (and an attempt to play Spit/Speed–Drew hates card games though!).


My Tribe

Off to start a new week..and month!

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