Memorial Day Weekend: First Beach Vacation with Two Babies at Edisto Island

We enjoyed our first trip to the beach with our family of four over the extra long Memorial Day weekend.  It was an absolute blast hanging out with family and friends while having our babies enjoy the sand and water.


It is crazy how much a year in toddlerhood changes.  Reid was walking and playing with his toy trucks last year and showed no interest in the water.  This year, Reid was running and jumping around and taking his trucks everywhere with him.  He was hesitant about the water, but eventually enjoyed going in it with his daddy.


Walker was much like Reid was 2 years prior.  Walker enjoyed napping on the beach with the sound of the waves and the breeze.  We are super lucky that the baby monitor reaches to the beach, as Walker was able to nap inside while we were just feet away from him outside!

IMG_9779IMG_9773IMG_9809 2IMG_2637

With the help of grandparents (and Aunt Mer) as babysitters, Drew and I enjoyed a nice anniversary meal at Ella and Ollie’s!  We are seriously so lucky to have such supportive family, who watch our children as we go for runs, bike rides and date nights.  It is amazing to have time to ourselves and reconnect with each other.


Our first trip to the beach with two babies was so much fun and we cannot wait to go back 🙂

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