Greenville, SC Trip: Stay at the Aloft, Baby and Wedding Showers

We just got back from a wonderful weekend in Greenville, SC.  We lived in Greenville for 3 1/2 years and absolutely love going back.  This weekend, I had a baby shower for my college roommate and we had a wedding shower for our close friends.  We decided to make a weekend of it and booked a room at the gorgeous Aloft hotel in downtown.IMG_0886IMG_0871 2We usually do not stay in hotels, but decided it was the best way to travel with both kids and have a semi-vacation.  We left Saturday morning and while Walker and I attended the baby shower, Drew and Reid went on a Father-Son date to Cabela’s and McDonald’s.  The baby shower was beautiful and it was wonderful catching up with college and Greenville friends (and finally meeting my best friend’s baby boy, Henry!).IMG_7640IMG_0909After the shower, we checked into the hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon at the rooftop pool.  We enjoyed some adult cocktails poolside while Reid and Walker played in the water.  I so wish I had my phone to take pictures of it, but at the same time disconnecting was great too!

Following the pool, we showered up and headed to the lobby for a drink before going out to Takosushi for dinner.  Both boys did wonderful and Drew and I got to have some adult conversation (thank you, Blippi–no shame in that iPad game sometimes!).  Since we were all in the same room, it was straight to bed at 8:30 for all of us!IMG_0876IMG_0906IMG_1036IMG_0907

With an early 6am wake up call from both boys, we were able to enjoy a long Sunday.  We ventured out for a 4 mile run with the boys, taking stops at two parks on the way.  It was a blast spending the morning with just our little family and no pressure to be anywhere.  After our run, we packed up and headed to Tupelo Honey for breakfast and then a little shopping before going to the wedding shower.  IMG_0905IMG_0904IMG_0903IMG_0902 2IMG_0908

We had such a fun time and enjoyed quality time as our family of 4.  While I am a little sleep deprived, thanks to sleeping in the same room, it was such a fun weekend and makes me want to do more quick destination trips in the future 🙂


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