Walker’s Five Month Recap

People always told me “your heart just grows” when talking about having another baby.  When you have a child, you do not think it is possible to love another human being as much as that child–until you have another.  It is truly miraculous.  That being said, I love my children so much I cannot explain it (as all mothers know).IMG_0935Before having Walker, I thought that he was going to be very similar to his brother.  They share the same genetic makeup and are both boys–so I thought how different could they be?  Well, the answer is VERY.IMG_1196Even in the short few months that Walker has been alive, I can see distinct differences between my sons.  I am looking forward to seeing them grow, become friends, interact with each other and develop their personalities.

The Differences between Walker and Reid at 5 Months:

  1. Walker is MUCH more active than Reid ever was at 5 months.  Walker was different from Reid even in the womb.  I had morning sickness with Walker and was constantly being kicked by the little guy.  I joked that he was going to come out swinging–and sure enough he hasn’t stopped moving since the day he was born.  Walker is a fireball and in constant motion.  IMG_1229
  2. Walker loves putting things in his mouth.  Reid never used Sophie or any of the stroller toys.  After having Reid, I wondered why Sophie was so popular and why moms wore necklaces for their children to chew on—well now I know.  Walker loves exploring the world with his mouth.  I am nervous for the day he can crawl–seriously, needing to get a refresher on CPR and Heimlich!IMG_1236
  3. Walker loves to cuddle.  Drew always jokes that I wanted a “cuddler” and to be careful what you wish for.  Walker loves to be held.  Always has.  I never in a million years would thought I would co-sleep with a baby.  I read all the articles about how bad it is and how you could rollover or smother your child–it freaked me out! But after having a colicky baby and the only thing to calm him down was to hold on to him–I rethought my co-sleeping standards.  I co-slept with Walker until 2 months (not all night but definitely part of the night) and he stayed in his rock n play until 5 months (when he started rolling, it was the sign that he NEEDED to go to his crib–rough few nights, but he is adjusting).  Reid on the other hand has never liked being rocked or held for long periods of time.  I treasure my moments with him when he first wakes up from his naps and likes to be held for a minute or two.  Reid is independent and putting him to bed has always been a breeze because he just likes being by himself.  It is such a new world with Walker and having to rock him, but I do love the baby snuggles and hope that he loves being held/cuddled for years 🙂IMG_1129IMG_1277
  4. Walker is a little more needy than Reid.  This sounds like I am throwing Walker under the bus, but he just needs a little more attention than Reid did as a baby.  He is as sweet as can be, but when he wants to be held or played with–he wants/needs it that instant.  IMG_1202
  5. Walker is even more smiley than Reid.  Both of my boys are smiley little babies.  They love to flash smiles to people whenever they get a chance.  I thought that Reid was the happiest little guy, until I had Walker and boy oh boy does that little boy love to smile.  Whenever I have him in the Ergo, he smiles at everyone that walks by.  People are constantly stopping me to tell me how happy he looks.  It is so cute how his body tenses up and he flashes his gummy grin.  I love how happy they both are and hope that trait stays for a lifetime. IMG_1067 3
  6. Reid loves sleep, Walker has FOMO.  Walker is such a social guy and loves being around people as much as possible.  Even in the newborn stage, he was not a fan of sleep on the chance of missing out (at least that’s what I tell myself).  Walker will take 2 naps a day for a total of maybe 3 hours.  Where Reid is a napping champ and takes a 3-4 hour nap everyday!
  7. Walker has started to roll everywhere and sit up (for a minute before falling down).  Walker is so much for physical than Reid was and I am sure he will crawl/walk before Reid did.  Walker is so strong and determined.  IMG_0955
  8. Walker shows interest in food.  Whenever we eat (especially Reid) Walker seems super interested in trying our food.  While I am still waiting until he is 6 months to introduce food, I have a feeling he is going to take to food more than Reid ever did.  But time will tell…IMG_1270I know they say not to compare yourself to others or to compare your children, but it is just natural to do so.  I am in no way saying that I prefer one over the other, I just find it fascinating the distinct differences between people who share the same genetic make-up and social background.  I truly look forward to watching both of my boys grow and develop.  IMG_9198

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