Edisto Beach Family Vacation 2019

Wow, this summer FLEW by! We scheduled our big family vacation for the last week of July (right before school starts in Atlanta).  We had an absolute blast in Edisto and cannot wait to return next summer.F854FF99-98AD-46DB-9482-A2DC7EA1F687IMG_4888IMG_3559It was the first year we did not stay in Drew’s family’s beach house, which sold this summer. Though it is super sad, we made the best of it and embraced a new tradition and new location (same island just different house!).IMG_1283IMG_6350IMG_6982My mother in law found a perfect rental house right on the river with its’ own dock and boat ramp, per Drew’s request.  It was a change from being beach front, but such a fun change. Because of the great location, we took full advantage going on numerous boat rides and even paddle boarding with dolphins!IMG_8105IMG_7193IMG_6988IMG_6983IMG_3537The location was next to the marina where the boys (and Drew) loved watching the boats come in and on the weekends we could hear live music! Drew’s second cousin let us borrow his decked out six person golf cart for the week, which was probably the little boys’ favorite part of the whole trip.  We were a sight to see traveling in the golf cart with 5 adults and 2 kids with a wagon towing behind us 🙂IMG_5447IMG_0182 2It was such a joy watching the boys play in the sand and Reid playing in the water.  While I’m sure I will enjoy the days when we don’t have to be so hands on (and can actually sit in a beach chair), it really is fun playing in the sand with toddlers and holding a (sometimes squirmy) baby in the ocean.IMG_7049IMG_7038Drew and I took advantage of the help and had a date night at Ella and Ollie’s and even a night out at Dockside.  We had a group dinner at the Marina and had ice cream at the Video Store.  And collectively, we ate over 6 lbs of shrimp from Edisto Seafood.  Basically, we got our fill of Edisto eats 🙂IMG_3791IMG_9543IMG_8945The weather was perfect the first 5 days and the last couple days were rainy and stormy, but we made the best of it and enjoyed playing inside and taking long naps.  It was a great family vacation and so much fun watching the boys grow up at the same beach Drew did. IMG_7143IMG_7175IMG_8533

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