Halloween 2019: Fireman and his Crew and the Stomach Bug

Y’all, who knew that the stomach bug could fester in your house for over 2 weeks?! I certainly did not!  We have been fortunate to have all sets of grandparents visit over the past 2 weeks.  The boys (and us) love spending time with family and it was such a special treat to have my mom stop by for a quick visit before heading to Maryland, my dad and Mimi watch the boys so Drew and I could go to Clemson and my in-laws to celebrate Halloween with us (all within 2 weeks of each other).IMG_3181Unfortunately, the stomach bug infected our family the Sunday before my mom came into town (2 days later) causing her to get sick.  Then it infected my dad and Mimi the following weekend, and almost 2 weeks later, it infected my father-in-law.  I seriously have used an entire bottle of lysol, countless Clorox wipes and bleach on my house, and had our cleaners come; but the bug seems to persist….EK!IMG_4160 2But on to happier events…Reid told us last Halloween (when he was a garbage man) that he wanted to be a fireman on the next Halloween–and guess what, he stayed true to his word and was a fireman with the cutest little Dalmatian sidekick brother.IMG_4780IMG_9183Reid’s preschool had trunk or treat during the day, which was super cute.  And Drew’s parents arrived in town around 3.  After Drew got home from work, we headed to our neighbor’s house for a quick drink before trick or treating. IMG_1308IMG_2776The weather was crazy on Halloween, it started at 73 and by nighttime it was in the low 40’s.  My southern boys are not used to the cold weather and their poor little hands were freezing by the end of trick or treating (even though they had winter coats and blankets on!).  We skipped a bunch of homes (without any objection) as we wanted to warm up.  All and all, it was a great success and the boys loved going through their candy. IMG_4646IMG_9193IMG_5469IMG_6863The next day, Reid wanted to wear his costume, so we headed to Drew’s work all dressed up.  Reid had a blast looking at all the decorations and of course, seeing the forklift at his daddy’s work. IMG_1049 2Having little kids allows you to experience the joy of holidays all over again.  I was never a big Halloween person, but having Reid so excited to dress up makes me try extra hard to make the season special for him.  Now on to the Thanksgiving decorations (but really, can I just set up for Christmas?!)…

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