Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

If you ever want to be more involved in your child’s school life, I urge your to volunteer to be the room parent.  I was unsure and hesitant about being a room parent as I didn’t know how much of a time commitment and involved it was going to be, but I am so happy that I stepped up and am able to be more involved in my child’s school life 🙂

Being a room mom is not crazy involved, but you do lend an extra hand when needed.  You pick out and buy the different gifts for birthdays, holidays and teacher appreciation week.  You also help with all of the classroom parties and have a lot more communication with the teachers.  I, for one, love being involved and knowing what is going on in my son’s school life, so being a room parent is the perfect role to fill.

This week is teacher appreciation week at school so we put together different gifts and treats for the teachers to show our appreciation.  I am definitely not a Pinterest mom but there are so many creative parents out there that I have to thank for the wonderful ideas.IMG_5680Day One: Flowers and Banner.  We arranged flowers from each student in different vases.  We also decorated a banner to put on the classroom door.  We had each kid bring in a single flower for each of the teachers.  Since we are on a pretty tight budget, having everyone contribute one flower saved us money and allowed us to purchase a cute vase that the teachers could actually keep! I found this adorable vase on sale at Michaels for around $8.  The door hanger was made from a table cloth and a clearance banner from Target–pretty crafty, right?!IMG_9955IMG_5033Day two: Coffee and Breakfast. Who doesn’t love coffee?! Both of the teachers love Starbucks so I picked up their favorite drinks and breakfast items along with a cute little note. IMG_4909Day Three: Gift Card and Homemade Cards from Students. We decided to save the best for last! Every blog I read and teacher I talked to said the same thing, give a gift card! You can never go wrong with a gift card.  Additionally, we asked all the students to hand write/color a special note for the teachers.  We collected all the notes in a cute bag for each teacher.  It is such a thoughtful gift that all the kids contributed to and it was a lot of fun seeing the students give each teacher their special card to say thank you! IMG_1758All and all, it was a very successful teacher appreciation week.  The teachers were extremely thankful and appreciated the thoughtfulness from all of the kids.  And the kids were so happy and excited to give the teachers their flowers and cards 🙂

Again, if you are on the fence about being a room mom/parent–I say totally do it!! It is so much fun and the teachers really appreciate the extra assistance 🙂


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