Things I Learned at 32 (and wish I knew earlier!)

Life is funny, you learn things as you go and look back and wish you implemented things sooner.  Today, I am sharing with you a few things that I started doing at 32 (and wish I did earlier!).  If you are younger than 32, try them out and if you are older than 32 and don’t do these things—well, there is no time like the present!

Things I learned at 32:

  • Wash your face: Say what?! It literally took me until this year to regularly wash my face.  Gross, but true!  I have ridiculously sensitive skin and felt like washing my face irritated it more than it benefited.  Well silly me, since washing my face I feel so much better and my skin looks better.IMG_2762
  • Have a skin care routine (and you don’t have to spend a fortune).  It took me until I was 32 to realize that just starting a skin care routine is better than not.  I bought so many skin care products at the beginning of the year, determined to prevent wrinkles while not creating acne (basically my dream!).  However, I quickly learned from my dermatologist that my skin is very sensitive and I need to ease into things—what she recommended was a gentle over the counter cleanser and Neutrogenia Hydroboost Gel.  Additionally, I can use Differin gel if I get acne and it doubles as wrinkle prevention.
  • Drink more water: This seems like a no brainer, but consciously making a decision to drink more water has amazing benefits.  Not only does water boost your skin’s elasticity but it helps keep hunger at bay, win win!  My trick is to fill up two 1.5 liter bottles and drink them throughout the day.
  • Find a make up routine that contains SPF: I usually don’t wear make up, but started using a tinted sunscreen that my dermatologist recommended and quickly feel in love with it.  While it may not be make up to some people, it seems like foundation to me.  Putting on the tinted sunscreen makes me feel more confident which in turn makes me feel better and bonus it protects my skin.
  • Set a morning routine and Mediate/Pray:  I started a morning routine when I turned 32 which includes praying every morning.  The simple 10 minutes in the morning allows me to calm my mind and mediate while being in the presence of God.  This puts my mind in a great spot to conquer the day.  If praying isn’t your thing, mediating or centering yourself in the morning is a great practice too.IMG_2953
  • Take care of your body.  It is important to not only exercise (which I learned in my 20’s), but it is important to have quality nutrition.  There is no denying that as we age, our metabolism slows–but paying closer attention to the foods that fuel our bodies and make us feel good is key.  I found a nutrition system that works for me and my body literally craves my shakes now.  Additionally, I started to incorporate intermittent fasting at 32 and it has increased my energy levels substantially.IMG_2754IMG_2464
  • Self care is of the upmost importance.  It is so easy for us moms to put our kids first in every aspect of our lives.  It has taken me 4 years of being a mom to figure out that in order for me to be the best mom I can be, I need to take care of myself first.  While it is still a struggle for me to keep this in mind, whenever I take a 10 minute break (or walk the dog during bath time)–I come back rejuvenated and a better mom.  Its the age old thing, but always put your mask on before helping others. IMG_8191

Life is a journey and I am grateful for all the missteps and lessons along the way.  Everyday we are gifted is another day to learn something new about the world and ourselves.  Here is to hoping that 32 will look better than 31 and 33 will be better than 32 🙂

Stay happy and healthy, friends!



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