Anniversary Weekend and Weekend on Lake Lanier

We celebrated our 6th anniversary this weekend with plenty of family time and sunshine. While it wasn’t a typical anniversary of going to a tropical island, to the beach or even out to a fancy dinner–it was exactly how I wanted to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary (lets be honest, a tropical island vacation will always trump everything–but you know what I’m saying!).

We started the weekend off with a pool night with a few of our neighbors. Our neighborhood is starting to “turn over” with new, younger families moving in which means that our boys are finding new friends to play with. It is amazing to see the boys socializing with other kids after months of not being able to play with anyone but each other (don’t worry, we are sanitizing and keeping social distance as much as possible).

Saturday morning, Drew and I took turns working out. I went on a nice 6 mile run and Drew went on a long bike ride. We both struggled with working out following a long Memorial Day weekend, so it was nice to kick it back into gear and have a little alone time.

Following naps, we went back up to the pool for a little more sunshine and water time. Reid is getting more confident and Walker is following suit, I have a feeling swim lessons are going to be necessary for number 2! After the pool, we ordered delivery sushi and ate a (somewhat) peaceful dinner while the kids played. After the kids went down to bed, we stayed up wayyy too late laughing and talking on our back porch. Summer time is my favorite time as Drew and I use our back porch a ton and spend most weekend evenings staying up late, listening to music and talking.

Sunday morning, we got up early and headed to the lake. We met up with some of our new neighbors and their 5 year old son. The boys had a blast playing with monster trucks and floating around. The weather was beautiful and everyone was in great moods–it was truly a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.

It is crazy how much time has changed and how we have gone from extravagant ways to celebrate our anniversary to much more chill and comfortable ways to celebrate. It suits us just fine right now and I look forward to seeing how much we grow as a couple over the next year!

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