Coronavirus Testing in Atlanta, Georgia: Getting a Test for Covid-19

We had a Covid-19 scare last week, Drew was exposed to two colleagues that tested positive (luckily, he was wearing a mask and maintained social distance!). We were on edge and wanted to know how to get tested and how quickly we could get results. Well, it is a lot harder than I thought to get a test scheduled. Even Drew’s primary care physician told us to just “google it!” I am sharing a few ways to get tested to hopefully streamline this for anyone else in the same position.

  1. PeachTreeMed. Peachtree Immediate Care through Emory is the quickest way to find results. They have drive up/curbside testing and provide the rapid test. They have several locations around the city, which makes it very convenient. The downside is that they do not have appointments available. A couple of tricks to getting an appointment: search a variety of locations for openings; put your information in and refresh, refresh, refresh; and keep checking back. One of Drew’s coworkers signed on at midnight and got a spot for the following day and Drew just checked back periodically until he found an opening. Not the best policy but if you can get a test and results quickly, it is worth it!
  2. Cobb/Douglas Public Health. The public health department provides a test that can take 7-10 days to find results. It is more accurate than the rapid test, but test results take a long time (clearly, they are backed up!). Tips: look around to numerous locations and be willing to drive. The location closest to us didn’t have appointments for 2 weeks out! We found a location in Fulton County and scheduled two appointments, just in case!
  3. Summit Urgent Care 360. Summit Urgent Care will give you a test only after you have a virtual appointment. Test results come back within 3 days. Summit Health Urgent Care is a very convenient way to get tested, but the down fall is that you may have to pay for the virtual office visit (we didn’t do this option, so I’m not certain on that!). My neighbors went to Summit and had a great experience.

I am sure that there are a lot more ways to get tested for Covid-19, but we personally had a challenge figuring it all out. I was blown away that there is not a unified list of testing places to simplify it for the public. I hope this helps if you find yourself needing a test!

Everyone stay safe and healthy 🙂

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