Current Thoughts on Coronavirus: Missing Normal Life

I am tired of this pandemic, it has gone on too long. I want normal life for my kids, I want normal life for my family, I want to travel to see my family (which requires an airplane), I want to go into stores without feeling guilty or that in someway I put my family in danger, I want to not worry if someone sneezes around me, I want to graciously invite people into my home, I want to hug people, I want to talk to people in person, I want to go to a restaurant, I want to get a babysitter, I want to not worry about going to a park, I want the boys to be able to play with friends, I want to stop stressing about everything when we are out in public and sanitizing hands like its my part-time job. I want to go back to normal.

I know we all want this.

I know things could be so much worse.

I know above all of this, I want my family to stay healthy and safe.

I know I want others to feel protected.

I know we will continue to do our best.

But is it alright to say that this sucks and I just want to go back to normal life?!

My prayer and hope is when all of this is over, we will look at the positives and never take a hug, a dinner party, a date night, a flight to visit family, a race, a vacation, a birthday party, a ballgame, a concert, a playdate, or a casual trip to the store for granted again.

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