One Year Anniversary Trip to Hilton Head Island and Savannah

Last weekend was a great one!  Drew and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Hilton Head and Savannah.  It is so hard to believe that it was over a year ago that we got married!  I would be lying if I said that our first year was completely smooth sailing, but I can say that we learned a lot about each other and together we got through some challenging times that definitely brought us closer together.  I could not be happier than to be Drew’s wife and I am so blessed that I found such an amazing man who understands me and even when he doesn’t will put up with my shenanigans!


One year ago


This guy–cheers to our weekend

Our weekend started early (on Friday), we dropped Scout off at Drew’s parents and headed down to Hilton Head.  We stayed at the Marriott Resort and Spa in Hilton Head.  Our hotel room looked right out to the pool and the ocean.  We had a couple of adult beverages by the pool, before getting ready for our night on the town.  I had done some online research and discovered a cool jazz bar called the Jazz Corner.  Jazz Corner got amazing reviews and we luckily snagged a reservation.  Jazz Corner had such a cool vibe and an amazing musician playing.  We enjoyed good food while listening to great music.  It was a tad pricey, but you get an amazing ambiance–so well worth it if you want entertainment and dining 🙂


Perfect afternoon


Hammock lounging before dinner


Jazz Corner


We love our seafood


Selfie at dinner

On Saturday morning, I went for a quick jog while Drew was studying for school (he is getting his MBA and has a test tonight ek!).  Hilton Head is a runner/biker’s dream.  There are sidewalks everywhere and most of the sidewalks are shady.  I had a great three mile run in a neighborhood next to the resort.  The scenery was amazing and it was a great way to jump into the day.


Wide sidewalks=amazing


Canal views

Following the jog, we ate at Skullcreek Boat House before continuing down to Savannah.  The restaurant’s location is amazing and we grabbed a seat right in front of the water.  Savannah is about an hour drive from Hilton Head, though it feels a lot shorter.


Lunch spot


I will never turn down deviled eggs


Big cobb salad

We arrived in Savannah in the afternoon.  Following check in, we threw on our running shoes and went for a jog around the town.  Running is the perfect (and faster) way to sightsee and get your bearings on a town.  Following our run, we showered up for a night on the town.


Yup–this is where we stayed!


Streets of Savannah


Forsyth Park

First stop was to a local coffee shop that I absolutely feel in love with, The Bean.  The Bean has an eclectic/hippy feel to it and they serve many vegan meal choices and desserts along with organic coffee that I loved!  After getting our caffeine on, we went to The Grey.  The Grey was recommended to me by my cousin who travelled to Savannah a few weeks ago.  She raved about how amazing it was, so we checked it out and definitely agreed.  The Grey is in the old Greyhound bus station and has been remodeled to look like a 1950’s diner.  The Grey has amazing cocktail selections and an amazing meat/cheese plate.  Forewarning: the serving sizes are a little small, but delicious.


Picture at the rooftop above the room where we stayed!


I’m a dork–but I wore the same dress that I wore for our rehearsal dinner 🙂


View from our private rooftop


Wine for her, Manhattan for him


Drew at the Grey

Following the Grey, we went to our dinner reservations at Local 11ten.  Drew and I both loved our meals and will definitely be going back when we return.  Our trip was the perfect way to celebrate our first anniversary!  I cannot wait for our second year anniversary trip—oh where to go next?!

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