How To Get Motivated To Run

I have been in serious need of running motivation.  While I enjoy running everyday (well mosts days), I find myself lacking the motivation that comes when training for a race.  When training for a race, I am so much more motivated to get out and go and push my body to its limits.  Recently, I have been averaging around a 9-10 minute mile which is slower than my usual 8 minute pace.  While it feels good to listen to my body, I feel the need to push a little bit harder than I have been.  This afternoon, I decided that enough was enough and I am getting back in training/race mode.


First marathon ever–Disney Marathon 2010 (it was rough!)


Minneapolis Marathon/Half Marathon


Love some expos

So I signed up for the Baltimore 10 Miler this weekend. I have run the race a few times in the past and was lucky that registration was not full. Though I have not run in the double digits all year (which is completely crazy), I decided to take the plunge and just do it (thank you, Nike).  I have been averaging around 6 miles a day, so I think that the extra 4 should not be too bad–but only time will tell on that one!


Running the Baltimore 10 Miler with my dad (picture from Chicago Marathon)

Training for races makes me more focused and accountable to myself.  Also, knowing that a clock will be timing me makes me want to go faster and push harder.  It is such a mental game, but it works!

I am debating about what marathon I should train for–and contemplating if I should just do a half.  My thoughts are: 1. Thunder Road Full Marathon or Richmond Marathon in November and Kiawah Island Marathon (PR in 2012) in December, or 2.Thunder Road Half Marathon in November or 3. Thunder Road Half in November and Kiawah in December.  I talked to a couple of my friends about Thunder Road and they are game–so it is just the debate do I do 26.2 or 13.1?!


Always more fun to run with friends


Asheville Half Marathon–super hilly

While I was searching through all the marathons/half marathons coming up I came across this great list:

I will totally run #5 and #10, though they all look awesome 🙂  And #15 is on my current to do list–a marathon running into the night sounds amazing/crazy especially when it is in Vegas!

Reminder: Tomorrow is National Running day 🙂  Happy running!

One thought on “How To Get Motivated To Run

  1. Jamie says:

    Love the link! I’m totally with you on this. It is so much easier to train hard and stay focused with a race on the horizon, but I also think slowing our paces down, focusing on enjoying the runs, and listening to our bodies/minds without the pressure of “having to run” keeps us from burning out. Excited to see what races you choose! Happy Wednesday!


  2. Lauren @ ihadabiglunch says:

    I need to start looking into Fall runs…I feel like I’m always summer-oriented but a Fall run would be so awesome! Plus you don’t have that heat 😉 have a great weekend! Hope you find that running motivation!


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