100 Degree Run

Weatherman says that it is going to be another hot one.  I have a feeling that this summer is going to be exceptionally HOT.  I am not complaining because I love the heat so much more than the cold–but our AC isn’t working properly downstairs making it consistently hot, hot, hot in my household!

Yesterday, I had every intention of going for a run in the morning but that run turned into a midday run.  Whoopies! Since I got a later start, I decided to go on my shady 5 mile route that I run with Scout (it was too hot to take my furry friend).  I was a little over a mile on my run when I saw a blue diamond snake on the trail.  I am petrified of snakes–so I basically stopped midstride, froze, thought about it for a second, then b-lined it back the way I came.  No passing go for this girl!  Long story short, my shady 5 mile plan turned into a not so shady 8 mile run.


96 is not quite 100–but I will round up

I was not prepared for the 100 (96) degree, 8 mile run–but luckily my route takes me by a couple of gas stations and a CVS.  Whenever I go on this route, I take money with me so I can buy a water at the CVS halfway through my run.  I don’t know if its just me, but I hate carrying water bottles with me–I have tried belts, hand held bottles, etc. and just don’t like them/use them (I probably should just suck it up and use them).  Since I was not planning on going this way, I had no money, but the CVS has a water fountain and I took full advantage of a midrun hydrate 🙂  Thank you CVS!!


Life savers

When I got back, I downed an entire bottle of water and a coconut water.  Surprisingly, I felt pretty great afterwards and not too exhausted from the heat.


Hydrate, hydrate


Scary, gross, sweaty picture post run 🙂

What would you do if you saw a snake when running? 

What do you do to stay hydrated when running?

2 thoughts on “100 Degree Run

  1. Jamie says:

    I will usually carry a water bottle with me when I’m doing a long run in the summer. But I’m with you, I hate the way fuel belts fit me, I refuse to wear a camel back, and carrying a water bottle is quite annoying. Maybe that’s why I like racing so much – they have it all planned out for you! Haha.

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