New Running Clothes and Sun Room Complete

I absolutely love online shopping, because I have a tendency to forget what I purchase and then a package shows up at the door–and it is basically like a mini Christmas/Birthday.  What did people do before online shopping?!  I remember as a kid looking through LandsEnd/L.L.Bean catalogs with my mom and marking what I wanted–and then she would call the various numbers in to place an order.  I’m guessing that people still order things that way, but online purchasing is the way to go in my book!

Last week, I talked about the sale that Athleta was having and I took advantage of the extra 20 percent off and bought a new sports bra and pair of shorts.  The shorts do not have built-in undies, which is a first for running shorts for me.  I was surprised how much I liked them and sad that I didn’t purchase more.  The sports bra is from their line of “no stink” bras and has a cute back design #lovemypurchases.


The bra has some padding which I was surprised about–not sure how I feel about it but it was supportive for my run


Love the back design

I have been trying to revamp my running outfits, as I still wear sports bras and shorts from early college/late high school.  My sports bras have acquired a funky, dingy smell and I have been having a hard time trying to get the stink out! I use sensitive/chemical free laundry detergent as my skin is freakishly sensitive.  Unfortunately, I do not think that the detergent is powerful enough to get the stink out–soo I resort to buying new bras that are “no stink.”  Any suggestions on getting workout clothes to smell fresher would be much appreciated 🙂


Love these new shorts

In other news, my sunroom is finally complete! We painted the peach beige a very light gray and I think it turned out great. Our house had completely dark brown walls when we bought it and since then I have painted the house different shades of gray (definitely inspired by 50 Shades ha!).  I painted the sunroom a shade lighter than our kitchen and breakfast nook, but in the same family of colors.  I think that the white/light color opens up the sunroom and makes it feel more at home.  I know it is boring but I absolutely love white walls, if it was up to me my whole house would be white!


So bright


Open spaces


Only flower that I can keep alive 🙂

Do you have any tricks to keeping workout clothes stink free?

What are your favorite workout shorts?

What color should I recover the plaid chair/red couch?  I am thinking a cream color or navy.


Scout loves her plaid

3 thoughts on “New Running Clothes and Sun Room Complete

  1. Jamie says:

    I can’t even tell you the last time I bought a sports bra. I desperately need to, as mine are from college as well, but they are SO EXPENSIVE! I really think I just need to bite the bullet on that. My favorite workout shorts are Lulu lemon speed shorts. I love the cut and the pocket in the back is big enough to fit my phone (without case), credit card, ID, and apartment keys.

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  2. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    No secrets here on how to keep the stink away. But I did read an article once about the life of sports clothing. and it was really low life.!! like sports bras should only be used for a year or something. Which I think is a little crazy. but it does make sense. I need to buy new running clothes also.!
    My favorite shorts are these saucony ones I have. I’m not even sure if they make them anymore.! but I would love to find a pair like that again..


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