Date Night: Jurassic World and Yard House

Happy, happy Friday 🙂

Last night, Drew and I had a dinner and movie date.  We have been trying to go on dates every Thursday night, but life sometimes gets in the way.  Drew absolutely loves going to the movies, I on the other hand do not (I think that they are too expensive, DVDs come out 2 months after movies are premiered, you cannot talk, and I am a tad scared of being confined in a dark theater with many people–a tad claustrophobic/partypooper).  He was so excited when I said that we could go (it has literally been over a year).

We went to The Yard House for a couple drinks and food before the movie.  The Yard House opened the beginning of this year and is generally slammed with people.  The restaurant/bar is in walking distance to the movie theater, which made it the perfect place to go.  The Yard House is a “sports bar” but their food is absolutely amazing, I am constantly surprised with the quality and deliciousness of food in restaurant/bars. My favorite thing was the tuna roll filled with tuna, edamame and avocado (bonus: it didn’t have rice as a filler).


Yes, I order wine at a sports bar



Jurassic World was a great movie, not as amazing as the original, but it was really intense and entertaining.  We watched it in 3D which I think made the movie even more intense.  Overall, we both really enjoyed ourselves and had a fun time.  I guess going to the movies every once and a while won’t kill me!

When we drove home, it felt like we were in a different world.  We pulled into our neighborhood to see a bunch of trees split in half and laying in the road.  Apparently, when we were gone a storm hit our neighborhood (it rained and was windy when we were going to the restaurant, but we had no idea it would do damage!).  Fortunately, it does not appear that anyone’s house was damaged.  Unfortunately, we had a casualty–our maple tree in the backyard fell down and will need to be removed 😦


Tree down

On a happier note, Scout got a hair cut as it has been crazy hot.  We are going on our semiannual camping trip this weekend, and it was the perfect reason to get her hair cut (Scout+90 degree heat=unhappy boykin spaniel).


Eating her bone post haircut


So fresh and so clean, clean

I hope that you have a great weekend!!

Do you enjoy going to the movies? Seriously, it may just be me that doesn’t…

What is your favorite thing to order at a sports bar?

2 thoughts on “Date Night: Jurassic World and Yard House

  1. Shawna says:

    ummm that tuna/avo/edamame concoction is riiiight up my alley. i always order raw/seared tuna dishes — appetizers or entrees — if they’re on the menu. i feel like i’m cheating on my fave food if i don’t! 🙂


  2. Jamie says:

    I really like going to the movies.. much easier for me to fall asleep during them on my couch haha. Best thing to order at a sports bar are nachos. Totally my guilty pleasure : ) Hope you have a fabulous weekend !!

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