Asheville Bachelorette Party Weekend

Wow this weekend was a fun one!  After months and months of preparation, Paige’s Bachelorette party in Asheville, North Carolina went off without a hitch (or at least not a major one!).  Paige has been my best friend since we were both 2 years old–this fourth of July marks our 25th anniversary–and deserved the best last fling before the ring.


Best Friends for Life–Paige and Me

We got up to the rental home ( rental) around 2 on Friday afternoon.  Laura, Holly and I arrived before the rest of the gang around 2 on Friday afternoon.  As we had 13 girls, we rented a big home from that could accommodate all of us.  It was a decision between getting hotel rooms and a big house–we chose the house because everyone would be together rather than segregated in different rooms and it was half the cost!  We decorated the house a little before the rest of the party arrived.


Our weekend casa


Two of my favs!

Friday night, we ate frozen pizzas in and had a few cocktails before heading to Off the Wagon piano bar in downtown Asheville.  We reserved a table in the front at Off the Wagon and had an amazing time listening to the dueling piano players.  Paige got pulled up on stage for a little number and we all had a great time.


Let the games begin (Poweraid shot ha!)


Fishbowl yes please!


Our little bachelorette

On Saturday, we woke up and ate breakfast casseroles while drinking mimosas and bloody mary’s.  In college, we cooked breakfast casseroles and had bloody mary’s before every football game/big weekend.  It was nice to have a little throw back to Clemson dazes.  Following breakfast, we loaded up in cars and went downtown for the Amazing Pubcycle ride.


Great Morning View with all the girls


Fixing her famous bloody mary’s



The Amazing Pubcycle is an absolute MUST for any and all bachelorette parties in Asheville.  I booked the ride a few months ago and luckily they had 1 time slot available for 13 people (clearly have to book early if you have a large group).  We had an amazing time singing, pedaling and drinking around Asheville.  Our “tour guide” was hilarious and completely catered to our bachelorette.  I think half of us lost our voices on the ride as we were singing N’SYNC and Backstreet Boys at the top of our lungs!  Tourists are amazed with the Pubcycle and make you feel like celebrities taking pictures and videos as we passed (or they just thought that a bunch of crazy grown women dressed alike was funny).


Pubcycle Selfie


Amazing tour guide


She won’t stop believing





After the Pubcycle, we went to a couple breweries to eat and drink.  We sat out back at Wicked Weed (my favorite bar in Asheville) and then went to Hi-Wire before heading back to the house.


Bathroom Selfie with my college ladies (holy wrinkles)


Sara and I

Back at the house, we played bachelorette jeopardy (seriously, a hilarious game–I’m usually not one for the dorky bachelorette games–but it was really fun!) and had a lingerie party.  Paige got me a sweet pair of granny panties for my bachelorette party, so I returned the favor and got her the most attractive moo-moo I could find! Needless to say, it was a success 🙂


Laura is hostess with the most-est


Boozie Bears=death




And she got about 5 right…haha


Lingerie party isn’t complete without chocolate strawberries and champagne


Great morning look in her moo-moo

On Saturday night, we went to dinner at Zambras (tapas style) and then out to a couple of bars following.  On Sunday morning, we ate at Corner Kitchen in the Biltmore Village and said our goodbyes.  I recommend Corner Kitchen for any bachelorette party in Asheville for brunch.  We had a very challenging time finding a restaurant that would take a reservation on Sunday morning for 13 people.  We were lucky that such a cute and delicious restaurant accommodated us!


Monkfish at Zambras






Same table as the Obamas

All and all, it was a great time and i cannot wait until the wedding!!


Crazy lady

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