Tried it Tuesday: Online Barre, Public Library Online and Chia Seeds


Good morning!

Today I am linking up with Lake Shore Runner for Tried It Tuesday.  As I am about the most indecisive person in the world, instead of choosing one thing to talk about I picked three (completely different things!).  The top three new things I tried this week:

1. Online Barre

Screen shot Barre

Online Work Out

I really wanted to take a barre class as I had such a great experience last week.  However, the studio that I went to does not offer barre classes on Mondays, so I decided to look up online barre classes.  Sure enough I came across a bunch of different online videos.  I followed one that I found on Youtube and completely enjoyed the experience.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much the video made me work and how I still felt the burn.

Online classes are cheaper (even free) and are more convenient (any time and any place!) than traditional classes.  I was surprised at how much I pushed myself, even though there was not a live instructor.  I will say that i did press pause a couple of times–which you definitely cannot do it actual class.  I like going to traditional, live classes better, but online classes are a great alternative!

2. Public Library Online

Greenville County Library Online

Greenville County Library Online

For months now, my mother-in-law has been telling me about downloading books from the public library.  A couple weeks back, I went to the Greenville County Library and received my public library card as well as an instruction about how to set up my online registration/app.  I was surprised at how user friendly the system is and how fast it works!  I ordered a book that day and was placed on a wait list, when the book was returned, I received an email notification and the book got sent directly to my kindle app and uploaded (as soon as I synced the app).  The book had a shelf life of only 7 days–and I definitely forgot that I downloaded it, so i didn’t end up reading it womp womp!

I decided to take another stab at it and downloaded a book that was in a series I have been reading.  I was going to pay about 6 dollars for the book on Amazon (great deal), but used the library instead and got it fo free!  Only caveat is that I have to read it within 7 days, which should be doable!  I recommend to anyone that is a big reader to go to your local library and see if they offer online downloads.  I wish I would have done it sooner–I would have saved a bundle! I am on the wait list for Pretty Little Lies, I cannot wait until I get notification that it is available 🙂

3. Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds in a bottle

So I am usually one to hop on the bandwagon when a new “health” food comes out.  I mean hello–kale is amazing!  For whatever reason, I have been reluctant to try chia seeds.  My mom is a firm believer in adding chia seeds to yogurt, oatmeal–really anything!  While the seeds add an extra health benefit (omega 3’s, fiber, some protein),they also up the caloric count.  I for one am a firm believer in eating my calories and enjoy eating 100 calories worth of yogurt rather than 100 calories of chia seeds!

My chia seed hater thoughts aside, I decided to try a chia infused drink from Target.  Mamma Chia makes an organic coconut mango drink filled with chia seeds. The chia seeds added another level to the drink and I throughly enjoyed it. I will say that the consistency was sort of strange (chewing on seeds while drinking), but the taste was AH mazing and I can totally get down 🙂

What is your favorite online workout?

Do you use your public library?

Chia seed fan or foe?

2 thoughts on “Tried it Tuesday: Online Barre, Public Library Online and Chia Seeds

  1. Jamie says:

    Totally loving plyo workouts online. They’re so fast and effective, they truly are the best “in home” workouts around! And I’m all about the chia seeds in smoothies… but nowhere else. Haha. Hope you have a great day!


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