Life Lately: Nursery Decorating and Working Out at 32 Weeks

Wow has this year already started to fly by?! Seriously, the weeks are going by so quickly and then again, it seems like I have been pregnant forever.  Either way it is crazy to me that it is already the middle of January!

Today is my wonderful husband’s 29th birthday.  He deserves the world, but sadly I have not had the energy to do much this year ek!  Not to worry, he still has a birthday ice cream cake and a nice dinner to look forward to.  I just have not gone “balls to the wall” this year.  At least I have an entire year to prepare for the big 30 🙂


Cheers to 29 🙂

Life lately has been filled with getting ready for Baby R’s arrival.  Drew and I spent the majority of last weekend setting up the nursery.  We painted the changing table with chalk paint (highly recommend), hung up shelves, hung the curtains and curtain rods, and finally purchased photos and frames for over the crib.  I am so indecisive and have been looking at photos for over the crib for months now–and I am so happy with the choice that I made 🙂 waiting paid off.  There is still a lot to do (as an entire wall is blank), but we have a month and a half to figure the rest out!


Excited for baby boy’s arrival


Need to hang up the mirror and have a blank wall–but obsessed the mobile over the rocker 🙂

In pregnancy news, we had our 32 week appointment yesterday.  We had an ultrasound performed because the baby was measuring in the 90th percentile for weight at 27 weeks.  Pretty scary thinking about a BIG baby coming out of you–but luckily, the doctor confirmed that the baby is now in the 70th percentile and appears to just have a large head.  He weighs 4 lbs and 11 oz already!! It was fun to see the crazy kicking boy again 🙂

As for me, I am overall feeling pretty good.  I have started to slow down and unfortunately, I have decided that it is probably best that I stick to walking over running.  It has been a challenge for me to run since I took a break off during the holidays.  I do not want to get injured and there are enough exercises (and walking) that I can do without running.  It is definitely a hard decision as I haven’t gone more than a week without running in over 7 years!


Before a run/walk a week ago (probably my last)

I will be sticking with my routine of doing 9Round twice a week and walking everyday.  Additionally, I did barre twice last week and it felt amazing.  I am planning on taking more barre classes when my work schedule slows down.  I am trying to stay as active as my body will allow me to go–but being A LOT more cautious as he is getting a lot bigger.


Baby Bump week 32

Off to walk this little lady…


My furry child


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