Life with a 3 Week Old

Life post baby is a lot different from life before baby.  While it is quite the adjustment, I would not change it for the world (I know people always say that, but it is true).  I have had to learn to adapt to not being able to exercise (have to wait 6 weeks even if you have a natural birth–I originally thought that it was just for C-Section), I cannot just go out to the store and go shopping (have to wait until he is at least 4 weeks old, some even say 2 months so that he has his shots), and my sleep schedule is completely different (say goodbye to sleeping in and sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time).  Saying all of that, it is a small price to pay for the wiggly, cuddly, and constant noise-maker of a baby boy!


Baby Boy



Baby Boy

Our typical day starts between 5:30-6:30 with a morning feeding.  Reid then goes downstairs with his dad, who works a little from home and allows me to sleep until around 8.  Then around 8:30 there is a morning feeding (my one cup of coffee and breakfast usually eaten while feeding him and watching the Today show).  Following his morning feeding, I am able to be productive and clean up the house/do laundry/whatever needs to be done!

I have been really lucky and my neighbor, Kelly, had a baby 3 weeks before Reid and we have taken advantage of the warm weather and typically go on a 2 mile walk everyday.  I make sure and nurse him right before we head out so that he is not fussy.


Walking Baby

Following our walk is lunchtime for both of us (I have been enjoying sandwiches everyday–yay for being able to eat deli turkey, salami and chicken!).  Reid typically nurses for a while after our walk and then is alert for some afternoon activity (generally, this is the time he likes to vocalize all of his frustrations).  Following his activity and “communication” time, he winds down which gives me a solid hour to either nap or get some more work done.


Family Nap Time

Following a quick nap, we are back up for some more alert time.  Lately, I have been trying to incorporate tummy time and some play mat time.  He is still pretty young and doesn’t quite understand the mat time.  We have been doing tummy time on my stomach which works A LOT better than when I try and put him on the floor.


Like Father Like Son-play or nap time?

I try to nurse Reid right before Drew comes home so that they can have some quality (non-fussy) time together.  Though I absolutely love Reid, I cannot explain how wonderful it is when my husband finally walks in the door.  Maybe its the adult interaction or maybe its the added helping hand (or maybe its just because he is my husband)–but boy, it is nice when Drew gets home!

Our evenings are pretty similar between getting dinner ready, going on a family walk around the neighborhood, and feeding Reid.  Drew and I have worked out a schedule that works for us–I take a shower following an evening feeding (anywhere from 8-10, depending on when Reid eats) and then head to bed early.  Drew stays up with Reid for a little bit and watches TV/works a little before turning in for the night.


Drew with his babies

Reid will either nurse as soon as Drew brings him up or shortly there after (anywhere from 11:30-1:30am).  Following that feeding, I have one more feeding in the early, early morning (2:30-4:30am).  Reid generally is pretty good about going back to sleep after his feeding and diaper change, but sometimes needs extra time/attention to get all the gas out of his system.  Then it is back to early morning wake up!


Late Night

It is funny because I always thought that we would be able to immediately schedule Reid.  But after the first few days with him, I quickly understood that I am on his time and until he gets a little older and able to fend for himself more-he is the boss of my time (for the most part).


My Boss

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