One Month Birthday and First Easter

Happy Thursday! Reid is officially 5 weeks old (young) today.  He is doing great and eating like a champ.  He is over 9 pounds and growing everyday!  Last week was a big week for him, we went on our first overnight trip to Chapin to visit his grandparents for Easter and he celebrated his one month birthday.

Reid’s hair is pretty oily–thanks in part to both Drew and my hair–so the best pictures occur right after he has a bath.  We are bathing him about once a week (sounds gross, but he doesn’t do anything to cause him to sweat and bathing this young can dry out their skin).  On Thursday evening, we gave Reid a bath and then took some nice pictures of him for his 1st month.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think to add a stuffed animal to the chair to show his growth (but I will do it for the next coming months).



Friday morning, we drove to Chapin for the weekend.  I have been joking that our car and packing situation almost caused us to get a divorce!  Needless to say, we are amateurs when it comes to packing up a car with baby and baby stuff in tow.  We had to bring a bunch of boat stuff too which did not help our packing situation, but next time we will be more prepared and take longer to pack up the car in the most efficient way.  I drive an SUV and Drew drives a truck so unless we get a minivan or larger SUV, we are stuck having to learn to pack better!

It was wonderful being in Chapin with loads of babysitters.  Taking advantage of being around family, Drew and I (and Scout) went on a boat ride on Friday evening.  It was great being able to spend some alone time together and made it feel like old times just hanging out on the lake.  We definitely appreciated all of the help and the ability to go out on our own.


Saturday, baby boy was having a growth spurt.  And boy, oh boy growth spurts SUCK–for a lack of a better word.  When Reid is having a growth spurt, I completely feel like a cow and the soreness/pain associated with the frequent feedings is almost unbearable.  Luckily, I packed two Medela soothing pads with me!  They were lifesavers and we made it out on the other side of this third growth spurt 🙂  Needless to say, I was not able to do much on Saturday–I got a nice walk in with Beth and Meredith while Drew and Scott went fishing.


Despite the growth spurt, I went on my first post-partum run!! I called the Ob/Gyn office after I had Reid to determine when I was allowed to run, unfortunately my Ob is out on maternity leave and I was informed by the nurse that I should ask the doctor at my 6 week check up.  However, being stubborn and after A LOT of online research I decided that as long as my body felt okay that it would be okay for me to run–and my body felt great!  I certainly took it very slow (11:30 pace) and was cautious as I don’t want to mess my body up, but just being able to run felt ah-mazing!  It is great to be able to run and have my breathing back to normal (pregnant running I assume feels like a 70 year old lifetime smoker trying to run!).

Easter Sunday was filled with family time.  Drew, Reid and I went on a morning stroll before getting fixed up for Easter dinner (unfortunately, we didn’t make it to church this year–between the growth spurt and baby’s not normal routine we decided against it).  Drew’s step-siblings and their significant others got to the house around noon and after playing with Reid for a little bit, we all settled in to eat.  Reid was great and took a nap during the meal–of course he woke up right after our meal–but it was great to have time with Drew’s family.  In true tradition, Drew and I took a nice long nap after the meal while the others babysat (got to love family!).

We had a wonderful first Easter with Reid.  I am looking forward to years ahead when he gets older and can Easter egg hunt, but I am perfectly content with my baby snuggles for now!


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