Easy Like a Sunday Morning and Pool Daze

Good morning!  We had a wonderful (and somewhat relaxing) weekend.  It was a gorgeous Friday evening and perfect temperature to have a little happy hour by the pool.  We had a drink poolside with a couple snacks and put Reid in the water for the first time!  I wish I could say that he LOVED it, but he was more confused than anything.  Overtime I am sure he will love getting in the water and playing.

On Saturday, after doing some chores we headed up to the pool again for a little family time.  We forgot Reid’s swim diaper so we could only put his toes in the water, but he seemed to enjoy it.  Following the short pool trip, we all napped (glorious!!) and enjoyed sometime at home together.  In the evening, I went on a short run while Drew did yard work.  I absolutely love days when I don’t get in the car and go anywhere!

Sunday morning, Reid and I had a lazy “Easy Like Sunday Morning” morning.  Drew woke up early to go fishing meaning that Reid, Scout and I had Sunday morning to ourselves.  We all had an extra long snuggle session in the morning.  I took advantage of Reid’s more active self and random change in eating pattern (all weekend he ate every 4 hours rather than every 2.5–he is back on track of eating every 2.5 now), and cleaned the house.  I finally got the hardwood floors cleaned and did all of our sheets!! It’s the little things in life 🙂

We spent the remainder of the weekend hanging out and getting things done around the house!  Our laundry room and back entry way are finally complete and I am soo happy that all the ugly brown walls in our house are gone and new white and gray walls took their place.

Off to Bouncing Babies at the library 🙂

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