Memorial Day Weekend 2016

We just got home from an extra long Memorial Day weekend.  Christina, one of my closest friends and sorority sister, got married on Friday before Memorial Day.  Reid and I drove down to Charleston on Thursday morning for the bridesmaids luncheon.  Reid was an absolute joy and got his flirt on with all the ladies.  Following the luncheon, Reid and I stopped over to see his cousin/best friend, Watson.  It was fun to see the boys together again–even though they both are pretty much blobs right now!

On Thursday night, Drew and I went to the rehearsal dinner at Red Drum followed by a quick drink at Tavern and Table.  Reid and his Aunt Meredith had a fun time together going to Hampton Park while Drew and I were out.

Friday morning was a tad chaotic and Reid was definitely not enjoying all the car seat and travel time, but he handled it as well as possible.  Reid came along with me as the girls got ready for Christina and Ryan’s big day.  Drew came by around noon to pick Reid up, allowing me to get ready and have baby free time to get pictures taken.


Feedings went really, really well during the wedding and long weekend.  I was very nervous about pumping and making sure that Reid was being fed.  On Thursday evening, I nursed Reid right before we left and Meredith gave him a bottle before bedtime (I pumped when I got home).  On Friday, I nursed Reid right before Drew picked him up and Drew gave him a bottle right before the ceremony.  I was able to find time to pump while the bride and groom were taking pictures!  I nursed Reid right before the bridal party was introduced and Meredith gave him a bottle at night (I pumped when I got back).  It was pretty seamless and I am soo happy that it all worked out so well.  It definitely helped that Christina was so understanding and accommodating for Reid and me!



On Saturday morning, we all packed up and headed to Edisto for the remainder of the weekend.  Drew’s parents were already down in Edisto and were awaiting our arrival (really just wanting to see Reid).  Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Bonnie was hitting the coast giving us a weekend filled with rain.  We made the best of the weekend by playing board games and relaxing.


Luckily, the storm passed on Monday afternoon allowing us to enjoy some beach time.  Drew and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Tuesday (and Drew took off a day of work!).  We enjoyed a family run and a little beach time before packing up and heading back home.  We went to the Old Post Office in Edisto on Saturday evening to celebrate our anniversary (the same restaurant we went to when we got engaged!).

Despite the poor weather, we had a great and relaxing long weekend.  It was wonderful to see a lot of my college friends and be able to show off Reid.  Drew and I started our 2nd year of marriage off right by enjoying each other and our little boy!

Off to do loads and loads of laundry before baby class 🙂

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