First Night Out without Baby

This weekend we celebrated Reid’s half birthday and had our first night away from our baby boy.  Drew and I went to Atlanta for our college friends’ wedding.  It was the perfect time and opportunity to have a night away.  Since the wedding was only 2 hours away, I felt comfortable leaving Reid with his grandparents knowing that I could be home if I needed to (they were great sports about my 2 page instructions!).


6 months old and no pants party!

We took advantage of the time away–we went to Gypsy Kitchen prior to the ceremony for a drink with a few of my sorority sisters, following the reception at the Piedmont Driving Club we went out on the town (before I attempted to Uber home–failed twice–and then somehow got us back to the hotel).



Miss these girls


Literally only picture we got together

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and I had so much fun catching up with my friends!  Surprisingly, our time away from Reid made me appreciate our little family so much.  While we certainly had a fun night out on the town, I realized I am so grateful for my life and our little man.  I wouldn’t change the 2 a.m. wake up call from Reid for the 2 a.m. leaving the bar scene (at least most nights!).



I also found a new appreciation for all the women out there who pump!  While I pump occasionally, pumping for almost 24 hours was pretty annoying.  I fed Reid right before we left so I only had to pump a few times : I pumped in the car before arriving at the hotel, in a coat closet at the reception!, at 5 a.m. in the morning and then again when I woke up (nursed him as soon as we got home too)!  Even though in actuality it wasn’t many times–the inconvenience of trying to find a place, the temporary engorgement in the middle of the night and trying to keep up with all my pumping supplies was frustrating.

Of course, I woke up super early on Sunday morning and after eating a quiet breakfast by myself and bringing Drew some breakfast in bed–we hurried home to see our boy.  Reid did great for his grandparents and they had nothing but wonderful things to say 🙂  We enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon filled with lots of Reid snuggles.


Sweet peaceful moments–enjoying a delicious breakfast alone!


Nothing like Reid snuggles!




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