Life Lately: New Niece, Best Friend’s Baby, Trip to Maryland, Clemson Football Games

My life lately has been a busy one :).  My sister and BIL welcomed my niece, Harper Ann, into the world on September 7th! I could not be more excited and happy for them.  Of course, I could NOT wait to meet the little lady so Reid and I took a flight out that Sunday morning to see the happy family of 4!  We stayed in Maryland for a few days and had lots of quality time with my family.  I cannot express how much love our family has for Harper–and now much more shopping to do (I know I have a boy, but girl clothes are just so stinking cute!).


Pop Pops with his grandsons

In other baby news, I met my best friend’s baby, Campbell this past weekend.  Laura and I drove up to Gaffney (and did a little shopping beforehand) to meet Paige and Campbell for a quick visit.  Paige looks amazing and Campbell is doing so well.  I love that my friends are having babies–I say the more the merrier 🙂


Paige and Campbell

It is September which means it is the best time of year–FOOTBALL season!  We have season tickets to see our Clemson Tigers play and love going to every game we can.  This year is obviously a lot different because we have a baby in tow, but we are still able to enjoy ourselves and cheer for our team.  I have certainly learned a lot about bringing babies to football games and keeping the peace with my husband who just wants to watch the game!

Reid is continuing to grow like a weed.  I am having to switch out his clothes more frequently than I would like, but I am happy he is thriving.  We started solid foods (pureed) this month.  I started with mashed sweet potatoes (hated), avocado (liked), prunes (LOVED), banana (not his favorite), peas (hated), pears (so-so) and peaches (ehh).  It is definitely trial and error, but I am excited that he gets to try so many new tastes.  I will say I was surprised he didn’t take to food immediately, but time will tell!

Other milestones, he is sitting up by himself! He started sitting up with me sitting behind him, but last night he sat up on his own for over 30 minutes.  I am one proud mama 🙂  He is rolling like a crazy man and is even starting to scoot everywhere.  I have a feeling that crawling will be in his future sooner rather than later!



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