Starting a Blog

I struggle with an internal battle regarding my desire to blog.  I started blogging back in early 2011 when blogging started really taking off.  I was in law school and admittedly needed a place to express my passions outside of school.  I loved to write about running, healthy living and my love of baking and even a little cooking.  I would write sporadically, when I had time or needed a mood boost!  Admittedly, I was embarrassed that I did it–so I never spread the word to friends or family (with the exception of a handful of people).

Unfortunately, I still feel embarrassed by my desire to blog.  I know writing that out seems like a bunch of nonsense, but it is what hinders me from fully diving in.  I totally respect the blogging community and love reading along with other blogs and following complete strangers on social media.  In whatever way, it makes me feel like I know them and I get excited to learn more about different exercises or recipes they post or ways to handle parenting struggles.  However, when it comes to myself I struggle.

I wish I had more self confidence and would immediately say “screw it” to anyone that may judge bloggers or who thinks that only “self absorbed” people blog. I am not trying to make money or save the world, I am simply wanting to share my ideas and thoughts with anyone (or no-one) who wants to listen/read! By committing to blogging, I am officially turning a page and going outside of my comfort zone to shut off the negative voices inside me and just do it!

I am not sure if I am alone on these thoughts, but I recently read a blog post that explained that any stay at home mom should blog–because really why not?! I have the time and the desire, so I might as well do it.  I need to remind myself, that I only have one life and it is MY life, so not doing something based on what other people may think or not think should not dictate my life.

Alright, soap box speech is over…and the reason why I want to start blogging again is because being a stay at home mom/wife, I desperately crave a creative outlet.  I really want something that is mine, a new hobby.  I am excited to take this leap and see where it takes me 🙂


SAHM life is the Best Life 🙂


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