Finding the Right Workout

Hi Friends!

I have to admit that I am one to follow trends when it comes to working out.  However, time and time again, I get disappointed and I relearn the lesson that I have to listen to MY body and its needs.


Post Barre Smoothie

Fitness is an ongoing and ever changing relationship.  When I find myself bored with a workout, I need to change it up.  I crave endorphins, so I know that as long as my body allows it, I will be working out in some form.  I am someone who would still workout, even if I could be super lean and thin without doing a thing (which unfortunately I am not!).


Forever Active Family

My fitness journey in 2017 has included barre class, light jogging, going on walks with friends and chasing a toddler around.  I have to admit that barre intrigued me because it is super trendy and has a yogi mentality, but with more cardio.  I wanted to get “long and lean” and have lower impact without lifting heavy weights.  I enjoy the community, the hour to myself, the “shakes and quakes”, and most of all the amazing childcare.  BUT if I listen to myself and my body, barre is not MY workout.  I crave higher intensity, more cardio and even maybe some heavier weights.

My biggest challenge is childcare, but I know that many gyms have great childcare too–I just have to get over the fact that more than 5 kids will be there! I know that by listening to my body and my needs, that I will be a better wife, mom and overall happier person.  So, today I put my membership on hold (not completely ready to say goodbye!) and am going to take the next 30 days to investigate other fitness options that may be better suited for me!


All for this Little Guy 🙂

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