Inspiration for Big Boy Room

Moving Reid into a new room is going to be a big adjustment for our family.  He has been in the nursery since we moved to Atlanta over a year ago.  I honestly have been more concerned with setting up his “big boy” room than transitioning our nursery for the new baby.

Designing a room for Reid this go around is so much fun because he has his own opinions and likes/dislikes.  Even at 22 months, he is a very opinionated little guy–he enjoys choosing between two pairs of pants in the morning and tells me what shoes he will wear that day!

Reid enjoys balls, letters, buses (watching school buses go by is a highlight of his day), cars, planes and helicopters, but the one thing he loves more than anything is TRUCKS.  My son is all about trucks, trucks and more trucks!  Needless to say, deciding what to decorate his new “big boy” room was pretty easy!

  1. Bunkbeds: As soon as we found out that we were having another boy, I knew that bunkbeds were in our future.  I love the idea of buying quality furniture that will grow with the boys and is versatile.  Bunkbeds can be converted into two twin beds or placed on top of each other for space savings.  Growing up I shared a room with my sister, even though we had enough bedrooms to have our own rooms.  I think it was a bonding experience that made us closer as sisters and prevented us from being “spoiled.”
  2. Artwork:  I have found much success in purchasing artwork off of Etsy.  I like buying nice frames and then finding artwork that I can print off at Staples and place in the frames.  Since the boys will be constantly changing what their interests are the artwork can change with them, but the frames stay the same.  Again, I love to have versatility!

    Love these watercolor prints from Etsy


    These look more expensive than they are and can be used in Reid’s room or somewhere else in our house. Target for the win!


    Cannot go wrong with these classic frames from Pottery Barn

  3. Bedding:  Bedding is a challenge for me.  I have two different thoughts–one is to buy more expensive, classic bedding that will last many years and the other is to purchase less expensive, “theme” (in this case, truck) bedding that is more fun but won’t last as long.  Decisions, decisions!  Growing up, I remember my parents allowed me to have the more fun bedding and I loved it–but then a couple years would go by and it would be outdated and I wanted new stuff.  Buying expensive bedding is a risk too because boys can be destructive and sheets can only last so long.  I’m thinking about doing a fun patterned fitted/flat sheet set to go with a more classic duvet/quilt.  Hopefully, that will encompass the best of both worlds!

    Simple and classic look from PBK


    More fun and super affordable set from Amazon


    Reid would love these sheets from Land of Nod


    Cute sheets from PBK

  4. Miscellaneous: The best part about having a clean slate in decorating is all the fun accent pieces you get to add to the space.  I try to limit the clutter and make purchases that are decorative as well as functional like a colorful lamp or fun rug.  Additionally, an overhead fan is a must as well as some organizational baskets/bins.

I am so excited to see how Reid’s new big boy room comes together.  I hope that he will enjoy it for years to come!

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