South Eastern Wildlife Expo: Charleston Visit

We had a whirlwind 36 hour trip to Charleston this weekend.  I got the clear from my doctor to travel and we took our final trip as a family of 3 (plus Scout) to Charleston to visit with friends.  Drew and I lived in Charleston for the first 3 years after college while I attended law school and he worked in sales.  We both have a special place in our hearts for Charleston and absolutely love visiting when we get a chance.  Many of our close friends live in Charleston and it makes visiting the town we love even more exciting and special.

Friday evening, we spent hanging out with Drew’s sister, Meredith, and checking out her new house.  She prepared an amazing meal for us upon arrival and we enjoyed good company while watching the Olympics.

Saturday morning, we woke up and headed to SEWE to meet up with friends.  Reid had an absolute blast going on all the tractors.  Every chance he got, he would bee-line it back to the tractor area for another sit and play on the tractors.  He loved “beep” “beep”ing while pretend driving the various lawn mowers and tractors.  My favorite part of SEWE is always watching the dogs jump into the water!

Following SEWE, we headed over to our friends’ house for lunch and naps for the kids.  We spent the remainder of the day/night catching up and playing with their brand new baby girl, while the boys played together.  Time with close friends always goes by too quickly!  Sunday morning, I met up with a close college friend for breakfast at The Daily before going on a walk with the family around downtown Park Circle.

Our last trip as a family of 3 was great and Reid did amazing in the car (both ways!).  While I am going to miss the simplicity we have as a family of 3, we are excited for our next trip as a family of 4 in another month!

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