Motherhood Lessons: First 6 Weeks Postpartum

The first two weeks postpartum are a complete blur, followed by moments of uncertainty and being overwhelmed but filled with an outpouring of love and joy.  These first few weeks test you but in the end you become a stronger, more confident, patient parent and person.

We welcomed Walker William into the world 6 weeks ago.  He is a beautiful and healthy baby boy with a full head of black hair.  He is the spitting image of his brother (just with a little more hair).  He is a “survivor” as he has had to deal with colic, gas, a rash, an unsure big brother and a mom that drinks too much coffee!  He is my little boy and while it has not been a walk in the park, we are beyond blessed to have him complete our family of 4.


Things I have learned in the first 6 weeks of being a mom of two:

  1. Babies are all different.  It is hard for me to not compare my two boys.  Everyone told us how easy Reid was as a baby and we now completely see what people were saying.  Walker is more needy than Reid was, he likes to be held more, needs to be rocked and swayed, has GI issues that cause him to be fussy and overall needs more attention than Reid did.  I have to admit that I love the baby snuggles, Reid was Mr. Independent so I am embracing all the cuddles I can get from Walker! DSC_0915
  2. Mom guilt is real.  I felt “mom guilt” with Reid but never as bad as I do now.  Not only do I feel guilty about am I doing the right thing by being a SAHM rather than a working attorney–I now feel guilty about not being able to provide both of my children undivided attention all the time.  When I was a mother of one it was easy to show Reid a ton of attention but now I have to juggle the needs of both children, which means feeling like a bad mom when I cannot be there for both of them.
  3. Your heart grows.  I was so nervous before having Walker that I wouldn’t be able to love my new baby as much as Reid.  It is a crazy thing, but somehow your heart really does grow! DSC_0671
  4. Need to find grace and time for yourself.  Now more than ever I feel like I need space for myself every once and a while.  I think it is because there are two little humans that need me day in and out which can take a toll if I do not find time for myself.  Writing this blog, going on a 30 minute walk by myself or a quick trip to Target does wonders for me as well as my relationships.  Stopping to remember that you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others is very important.
  5. Communication is key.  The first few weeks of having a newborn are wonderful and joyful, but also stressful and confusing.  Trying to adapt to the new addition in our family and new roles can be challenging on a relationship.  Drew and I are very open with each other.  Communication is key to our relationship and survival in the first few weeks of a new baby! DSC_0841-2
  6. Again, you don’t know everything!  I was so surprised at how much I felt like a first time mom all over again.  While I am a lot more relaxed and confident about things, I still find myself on webmd, searching blogs and asking other moms for advice as well as calling pediatrians and lactation consultants.  I thought I would know everything as I have gone through it before, but new babies come with new issues.  I was surprised to find that even though it is not my first go around, I am still seeking advice!

I am excited to get into the swing of things as a mother of two aka juggling act.  Motherhood is no joke and is a challenging job, but it brings the most joy, happiness and purpose to life.  I love my little family and my babies so much and am excited to see us grow together over the years!  These boys make me want to be the best person I can be and I will forever be thankful to be their mom.


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