Motherhood Lessons: Becoming a Boy Mom

“Are you going to try for a girl?” is the question that I have been asked more than anything over the course of my second pregnancy with my son.  At first, I laughed it off and thought nothing of the comments.  However after weeks of hearing the same question, I started to question having another boy myself.  In some strange way it felt like I was letting people down when I said I was having another boy.

Truthfully, I always loved the idea of having boys.  I was a huge tomboy and loved playing sports and being outside when I was little (and still do).  I am not a “girly-girl” by any means and would rather wear a baseball hat than dress any day of the week.  I am one of two daughters and love that, but for my family I always envisioned having sons.

Growing up with a sister was amazing and I think the bond that sisters have is such a unique one that I am certainly thankful to have! Maybe it is because thats all that I know, but I loved having the same gender to look up to and to learn from.  My sister taught me more than anyone and I look forward to my boys being the same way.

So it surprised me when I realized that I struggled this pregnancy with the fact that I was going to have another boy!  I never in a million years would have thought twice about having another boy or my excitement about having sons and a brother for Reid.

The uncertainty filled my thoughts.  I was sad that I wasn’t going to learn all about how little girls act in comparison to boys.  I wasn’t going to be able to play dress up or buy cute little girl clothes.  I wasn’t going to have a daughter that I would have a special bond that only women understand.  I wasn’t going to be able to help my daughter get ready for prom or talk to her about boys.

I am human and unfortunately, I let other peoples thoughts and comments impact my life.  I know I should be stronger and just laugh it off and think people make silly comments when they don’t know what else to say, but that’s simply not me! Thankfully, after months of hearing the comments “you have to try for a girl” or “when you are trying for your third, let me know and I’ll tell you how to get a girl” or “did you want a girl?” or “girl clothes are so cute” or “girls take care of their parents when they get older,” I finally have come to peace and realized what I have thought all along, that having another boy is going to be great and is exactly how it is intended to be!

I have taken a break in social media to really hone in on myself and not let the influence of other people impact me during these last moments of my pregnancy.  I am so excited to have a brother for Reid to run around with and have the chaos of cars, trucks and balls fill my house for years to come.  And if we decide to have a third someday, it will not be because we are wanting a girl–it will be because we want to have a third child. period.

One thought on “Motherhood Lessons: Becoming a Boy Mom

  1. momofwarhearmyroar says:

    We have two boys! Our oldest turned 5 yesterday, and our youngest is 15 months younger at 3 years old! Having little boys is amazing. I’m often asked if we will try for a girl. I would love to have a girl. However, I love having boys and if we had another baby, I would be more than okay with another boy! I don’t think we will be trying anytime soon though 😂.

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