Motherhood Lessons: Failing at Sleep Training

Can I just rant for a second? Really…because lets be honest, somedays (like today) all I hear are cries, whining, yelling and “mommy, mommy, mom, mommy.”  Basically, my children are constantly letting out their emotions so let me do it for

Please don’t get me wrong, my children are a true blessing and my favorite people on this planet…but they are also EXHAUSTING.  This season is beautiful and fun and messy and honestly sometimes just downright tiring.  IMG_0107 2IMG_0113 2Currently, I am running on 3 cups of coffee about to make another pot because my baby refuses to sleep.  I have read so so many parenting/sleep training books, and guess what? I fail.  I fail.  I fail.  Time and time again…they do not work for me.  It took Reid 15 months (when I finally weaned him) to actually sleep through the night.  We did the “horrible” cry it out method…FAIL.  Days on end, we would let him cry and cry praying that someday he would just stop and go to sleep…it didn’t happen.IMG_0089 2IMG_0080 2I know tons of people swear by different parenting books from Moms on Call to Babywise–trust me I have tried but I fail.  Call me too weak to let my newborn baby cry all night or too lazy to move him to his own bedroom, but waking up 4 times a night to walk across the hall instead of just turning over sounds like its own kind of torture at 3 am.

So here I am, a sleep deprived, less patient, less energized, (dare I say) lesser version of myself…just trying to get through this day.  Or to be honest (since it is Friday) until 6 when I have a tad relief in the form of my husband and a glass of wine.  IMG_0094 2I know this is a season and while there are so many beautiful moments that I wouldn’t change for the world…there are also hardships that no one talks about or posts on social media.  Trust me, motherhood is a blessing but it is also has its challenges  IMG_0125 2Thank you for letting me vent.  Now I am going to put on my big girl smile, brew another pot of coffee, and shake a toy lion in front of my 3 month old to see that gummy smile of his.  Because after all, it is such a short time in our lives that I need to treasure these moments–right?! Right.IMG_0101 2Peace, love and lots and lots of coffee 🙂 IMG_0131 3


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