Life Lately: Living without Air Conditioning

Life is a little crazy over here!  Our downstairs AC stopped working on Friday afternoon, meaning that we spent the entire weekend without AC.  The past couple days we have been getting quotes for repairs and are eager to get our new unit next week.

Seriously, living without AC with 90 degree days and two babies is no joke.  Luckily, we have AC upstairs and a leak we discovered is linked to the AC so we are counting our lucky stars and know it could be a lot worse!  We also learned how important it is to get numerous quotes, we would have spent a couple thousand more had we gone with the first quote we received.IMG_4311IMG_0144 2The boys and I have made a point to get out of the house and cool off.  We have made many trips to the pool (or “cool” as Reid says) and playdates with friends.  The boys are such troopers and I think they are really adapting to hanging out in their diapers.  IMG_0153 2IMG_0148 2IMG_0158IMG_0157 2IMG_0192 3On Tuesday, Walker rolled over from his tummy to his back.  He loves being on his side and almost rolled from his back to his tummy today. It is amazing how strong he is at only 3 months old!  His personality is developing and it is so fun to see him change everyday (and that hair! It seriously is a fo-hawk).IMG_1166IMG_0160 2Even with the lack of air conditioning, these are the days that I will truly treasure forever. IMG_0193 2

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