Weekend Recap: Sickness, Runs and Football

This past weekend was filled with sickness, but a lot of fun as well.  Our house has entered the realm of first year preschool sickness and it is consuming our household.  First Reid got sick, then Walker did, then I did, then Reid did again, then Drew, then Reid and now Walker again…all over the course of a week and half.  Its been pretty isolating as I do not want to infect anyone else (please other preschool moms be considerate and do the same!).  On the positive time, we have had a lot of family time.IMG_2506The boys are starting to interact more which is so fun to see.  Walker is a little more aggressive than Reid was at this age and enjoys tackling his brother and pulling hair.  We are working on ways of trying to stop that, any suggestions?! They both love their dog and love being around each other.  We are working with Reid on sharing with his brother, but I feel like that is going to be a lifelong struggle ha!IMG_2415IMG_1037IMG_9166This past weekend, we went on a 5 mile run down by Riverside Park in Roswell.  This is one of my favorite places to run as there is a great park for Reid to play at in the middle of the run.  They just completed the boardwalk extension so the views of the Chattahoochee are even more vast.  With the leaves changing, it is about the most beautiful run out there!IMG_2383As with most weekends in the fall, ours is consumed with football.  A tradition that I have started and am loving are nightly walks with Reid riding his bike.  This allows us to whine down and enjoy the crisp fall air before dinner.  These are such special moments and I know I will treasure these memories. IMG_8152

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