Memorial Day Weekend 2020: Family Time and Pool Time

This long weekend was filled with pool time for our little family. Luckily, our neighborhood pool opened on Friday which allowed for us to enjoy the pool four days in a row. I am pretty sure this summer our boys are going to become quite the little fish.

Our pool has many restrictions, which are actually not that hard to follow and allow us to have a safe environment to enjoy swimming. The basic rules: sign up online for your spot (limited to 50 people), no floats, keep 6 ft apart and bring your own chair. People are not allowed to bring guests at this time, but it allows for neighborhood socialization (at a distance).

As the sign up times are in the middle of nap time, we filled up our huge inflatable pool in the front yard to enjoy while we weren’t at the neighborhood pool. The boys love playing with their boats and trucks in the pool. Watching the two of them running around our front yard, going in and out of the pool and playing on their various toys–is probably the sweetest thing and a memory I want to keep forever. These are quickly becoming my favorite ages!

While we didn’t go to the beach or lake this year (as we normally do), this Memorial Day was just what our family needed. It was time at home to slow down and to enjoy each other. Drew enjoyed long bike rides and I squeezed in a couple runs. We enjoyed family dinners filled with American classics like burgers, ribs and pizza. Times like these remind us of the joy being at home brings and as the sign in our kitchen says, “if you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family.”

I hope everyone had a safe, restful and fun Memorial Day weekend remembering those who fought and continue to fight for our country šŸ™‚

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