Working Out with Baby

Happy Friday the 13th!!  Week days with my little man seem to fly by!  I have been making a point of keeping both of us busy during the days.  I am not one to sit at home and watch TV all day (though I will admit that having some designated snuggle days in front of the TV are quite amazing!).  This week I wanted to try out different workouts I could do with Reid.


Baby Snuggles are the best

On Monday, we went on a quick 2 mile jog around the neighborhood.  He loves his stroller and always ends up falling asleep half way through.


Sleepy Reid

On Tuesday, I needed to switch it up and went to Barre 3.  Barre 3 in Greenville offers childcare for $5 during some of their classes (usually morning classes).  The children’s area is extremely clean and they kept Reid away from the other children.  I felt very comfortable leaving him under their care.  As for the workout, holy moly it kicked my booty.  Literally, my butt and legs were so sore for 2 days.  I hope that I will be able to make more classes in the future (especially now that I know the childcare is great!).

On Wednesday, I was still so sore from barre that I took a day off.  I walked 2 miles with Scout and Reid, but allowed my body to have some R&R.  It was nice having a day off in the middle of the week to recuperate.


I think we both needed a rest day 😉

Yesterday, Reid and I went to Mommy and Me yoga at Greenville Yoga.  They have a series going on for moms right now and it was great to be able to do a few yoga moves with the baby.  Reid stayed alert the whole time and really seemed to enjoy it.  I picked him up for a few poses and then was able to look at him and tickle him for a couple other poses.  It was a lot of fun being able to play with him while doing some yoga.  I will say that it was not much of a workout, but it was fun regardless.  I finished up the evening by running 2 miles before settling in for happy hour on our back porch 🙂


Reid’s First Yoga Class


Happy Hour with Happy Baby

Today, I am planning on going for a long walk with a girl I met from baby basics and her baby.  Exercise has been a huge part of my life, it keeps me calm and puts me in a better mood, and I want to continue to exercise even with a baby.  I am very fortunate that Reid enjoys being outside in his stroller and is an overall happy, agreeable little guy.  I know that continuing to do some physical activity everyday will help not only my mind and body, but will help me be a better mom and wife.


Me and Baby Boy

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