Weekend Recap: May 15, 2016

This weekend was a great one, despite the fact that I was not feeling well for the majority of it (and now my little kiddo has a fever).


On Friday, Drew came home early because I was not feeling well and needed an extra hand with Reid. Meredith, Drew’s sister, called earlier that day and asked to stay with us for the evening.  We all went out for frozen yogurt, as it was just what I needed on my sore throat and it was delicious to check out a new place.  I went to bed super early on Friday in hopes of feeling better.

Saturday morning I had high hopes of doing my first postpartum hot yoga class with a girl I met in yoga on Thursday, however, my body (and throat) were telling me otherwise.  Instead of getting my sweat on we ate a nice brunch at home and then headed downtown for the farmers market.  Unbeknownst to us, Greenville was putting on a cultural and art event which filled Main Street with street vendors and artists displaying their pieces.  It was definitely a surprise and pretty neat to look at all the artwork.  We finished up our downtown adventure by stopping at Tupelo Honey to have a quick snack before heading home.  I can never turn down Tupelo Honey!



Sunday morning, we went on a 5 mile run!! I was so excited to run our old 5 mile loop–and even more excited that I finished the loop with my legs feeling great and no need for walking.  I feel like my body is finally getting back to its old self and I cannot be more happy.  Caveat: I am A LOT slower than I used to be, but I’ll take it!

Our neighborhood pool opened on Saturday, so we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and took Reid to the pool on Sunday evening.  The water was obviously wayy too cold to get in, but it was nice and relaxing to finish up our weekend lounging by the pool with our little family.  Reid was a little fussy while we were up at the pool, but he seemed to get better after walking a couple laps around the pool and snuggling on his mama.  I joke that I am just going to have an outline of Reid as a tan line this year!


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