How to Make Mom Friends

Moving to a new area and being a stay at home mom, means that I would go crazy if I did not make new friends.  Moving always has it challenges and socially speaking it is extremely hard.


Things to do:

  1. Put yourself out there.  I am an introvert by nature, but I have to push those impulses aside and really put myself out there to meet people.  This is as simple as asking someone in the grocery store how old her son is? and going to the library to meet other moms.  Remember that everyone is in a similar situation and people want to interact and make friends too!
  2. Find groups.  There are plenty of groups around town that cater to moms.  Stroller strides and MOPS are two large organizations that bring moms together!
  3. Identify places that people in similar situations as you would go.  This brings me to the library.  I rarely step foot into a public library (thanks to Ebooks), but the public library is a great way to meet other moms with young kids.  Most public libraries offer music classes for babies and infants–making it a perfect place to mingle with other moms.
  4. Be kind to yourself and do things for you.  This is where I have found the most success in meeting people.  I need exercise in my life and as a first time paranoid mom, I do not feel comfortable with Reid being in a nursery with 20 other kids–so I found a gym that offers childcare and limits it to 6 children per class.  While barre is not my first pick for exercise, it has allowed me some time for myself and in directly I have met some other moms.
  5. Network and get outside (or inside to stores/shops).  Getting outside and walking around my neighborhood, I have met numerous neighbors and have even had get togethers.  Additionally, networking with friends from college has broadened my scope as well.  Remember: just because people don’t have kids/do have kids–you still can be friends!
  6. Be patient.  This is the hardest thing for me.  Ill blame it on a product of being a millennial, but when I want it–I want it now.  I constantly have to remind myself that friends don’t just magically appear overnight.  It takes patience and time to form friendships, but as long as I keep on it–friends will come.
  7. Lastly, I found last night an app called Peanut that is like the modern day tinder for mom friends.  I have been joking for years that they need an app like this, and one finally exists. I haven’t tested it out yet, but I definitely will be!

I am blessed to have met a few awesome moms in such a short amount of time.  It seems so middle school, but friendship is very important to me and I am excited for what Atlanta will bring!


Please be our friends 😉



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