Friday Favorites: March 3, 2017

Happy Friday :). The past week has been an exciting one in our household: REID is now ONE and I am now 29!! It is so neat having my birthday right after Reid’s.  He is by far the best birthday gift anyone could ask for–which means that every year I have a little reminder of how lucky I am.


My little boy is 1 

5 Friday Favorites:

  1. Babysitters: I was so nervous to have a babysitter and now I am so thankful that I we have found an amazing babysitter.  Reid is my first and only baby, which means that I am probably a little more cautious than I need to be!  This may be a little selfish, but having time away from Reid and being alone with Drew allows us to regroup and reconnect.


    Dinner Date Apps

  2. Plantation shutters: We finally have shutters on our house!!! We bought our home which was completely renovated with the exception of blinds and TP holders.  We knew that one of our first projects was getting blinds or curtains installed.  Little did we know, that the lead time on the shutters that we wanted would take almost two months to make and install.  I have a new appreciation for privacy and I think that all of our neighbors will be happy to see a little bit less of us 😉


    Shutters are installed

  3. Essie Nail Polish: I never enjoyed getting pedicures/manicures until I had a baby!  My mom was in town last week and treated me to a pedicure for my birthday.  I bring my own nail polish, so I can touch up if a nail chips.  My personal favorite brand is Essie as they have a fantastic selection of colors.
  4. Barre3: I committed to barre after a few weeks of debating what exercise program I should do.  My decision came down to childcare and Barre3 far surpasses any other fitness center for their childcare in opinion.  They limit their childcare to a maximum of 5 kids, meaning that Reid will be given the attention that I feel comfortable with.
  5. Sunny Days: The weather has been crazy this winter: we have days in the 80’s and then frost on the ground the next morning. Whatever the temperature, I have been LOVING the sunny weather with no clouds in the sky!  A sunny day makes everyone in my household in a better mood.  Now if it would just stay a little bit warmer, we would be in great shape 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend 🙂

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