Running Lately: Atlanta is Hilly

Good morning! After waking up early to say goodbye to my sister and her family, I went on an early morning run with Reid.  It was my first early run since moving to Atlanta and it felt amazing!  There is something about the crisp morning air that really gets the day off to a great start 🙂


Morning workouts are the best 🙂

When I moved from Charleston to Greenville, South Carolina, I thought that the change in terrain was drastically different/much more challenging–and again I feel the same way since moving from Greenville to Atlanta.  Charleston is extremely flat as it is basically sea level, Greenville is in the foothills so it has gradual hills, and (surprisingly) Atlanta is extremely hilly–its’ running slogan is”hot, humid and hilly.”


Happy boy on a run with his mom and dad (to the grocery)

Since moving here, my running has completely taken a back seat.  Running 4 miles was my regular routine in Greenville, and now running 2 miles feels like a major accomplishment.  The hills in this town are daunting, but I am determined to make them more manageable! Marathoning has taught me that running is a mental challenge as well as physical–and I know that complaining about the hills will only hinder my progress (but it is hard not to!)

As spring weather is approaching, I am going to make a strong effort to get back into running! I have enjoyed taking time to go on walks and take more barre classes, but I know that my first love for physical exercise is running and to feel my best I need to incorporate it into my daily routine.


Post run selfie 

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