Weekend Recap: First Haircut

Good morning! Wow the time change totally has us thrown off schedule, but we are going with it 🙂 We started this morning going to barre, then to Trader Joes and back home for a nap (which has turned into an almost 3 hour nap…)!

This weekend was a pretty relaxed one.  The weather is seriously going crazy–it was in the 70s last week and today it is barely approaching 40!  Yesterday, we took advantage of the less than ideal weather and ventured around Lake Allatoona in search for boat storage and got some chores done around the house (hello baby gates!).

The big news of the weekend was that Reid got his FIRST haircut.  Bye bye baby curls!  It took me a looong time to accept the fact that Reid needed to get his haircut.  I am a mom that struggles at every milestone, it is very bittersweet and the water works are inevitable for me!  I don’t know how I will survive taking him to PreK, let alone kindergarten (but thankfully we have time before that).


Our last picture with long hair!


Poor baby boy!


NOT happy



I am not sure if every child struggles with his first haircut, but Reid certainly was not a fan.   Reid is very mid-mannered, but the scissors and hair trimmer got the best of him.  Luckily, he stayed still for the hair cut but he was a tearful little man.  Though I am very sad that my little man doesn’t look like a baby anymore and looks more like a little boy, I think his new hairdo looks great on him!  Now if we could just learn how to stop the clock…


My little boy


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